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  1. Here are two videos; one to show our video mapping concept and another to show the motorized props we built this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47lo7WPhxP8&t=53s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwVtCXUc7NQ Charles
  2. wbaker4, I used (4) pixcon16's this year without any hiccup at all. Disclaimer: I used identical 2812B strips everywhere and used 12V's without power injection everywhere. Although it makes sense from a bookkeeping standpoint to use the Pixcons "one universe per output, I did not do that. I started with strand one, universe one, channel one and sequentially assigned consecutive universes/channels. Regards, Charles
  3. EmmienLightFan, The show is one 20 minute long MP4 file with the movie and soundtrack in one file and the lighting in another file, both played back simultaneously. This is an actual show which was filmed with my Canon camera. Charles
  4. Here is the link to the abridged version of our 20 minute multimedia Christmas display entitled "Radio Holiday"; using both video projection mapping and lighting. I had to increase the light levels to properly capture the video portion and in doing so, the LED's are more saturated than I wanted, but it is hard to capture both in one video shoot. https://youtu.be/t8t-JGxhpwI Charles Belcher
  5. DevMike, I would say something clever here, but...I can't seem to talk with all the egg on my face. (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
  6. Everything is all good now. Bridges are built and there is traffic across them.
  7. DevMike, Here is a screenshot of my latest adventure. Charles
  8. Little_b, I don't think that they have implemented the 340 pixel ability yet. This was talk I heard at the Christmas Expo, but I could be wrong. It could be that you only get that with the new software upgrade to 4.1.2. You should send in a help desk request and post the results back here Charles
  9. Mike, If you are not the one answering my help desk messages today, let me fill you in on the latest. I can tell you that I started all over from the beginning. I did a factory reset with both buttons on the pixcon and got back to the default ip address of It is showing firmware 1.4.8 (even though it I did a reset and it was delivered with 1.4.6 firmware) I am connected from a stand-a-lone laptop with no wireless connected direct to the one and only pixcon. I then opened the comm port listener, then opened Network Config program, listed as v4.1.2Pro. I clicked Help Find Pixcon button and it found it, highlighted in RED, and shows, LOR PixCon16, Default Nickname -V1.4.8 and the MAC address. But when I click on it, I get an error message which says: "You can not configure this board because the program does not know how to deal with that version of firmware. You may need a software upgrade." Where do I go from here? Charles
  10. Yes, Dennis. Dev Mike knows. He wrote the manual for the pixcon. I have verified via status lights by moving the pins back and forth.
  11. Yes, my avatar doesn't show it correctly. I have the latest and greatest pro version of S4. I have done more testing. The CMB24 works correctly directly with a usb485 adapter and works correctly with a usb485 adapter/IDMX1000/special cable Really at a loss here and have turned in a "ticket".
  12. coming out of the DMX Out #1 of the Pixcon with the jumper block in the LOR position (in ESTA position the red light on the CMB24 blinks) to the RJ45 input on the CMB24--should be just that easy-right?
  13. Dennis, I ran both a sequence and went to the Pixel console in the hardware utility also. (Pixel console is what DevMike suggested before I did all that(
  14. I also just received 4 Pixcons and am tryin to test various functions today. If anyone has succesfully connected a Pixcon bridged DMX output to a CMB24, please let me know what you did to achieve it. This is what I have done so far. These are the steps I have taken: 1) Updated Pixcon firmware from 1.4.6 to 1.48 2)Connected a single Pixcon to the computer directly-no switch, no router, no hub 3) Used LORPixCon Utility and searched for units, found the one I had previously set up and identified as Static, Pixcon 51 (showing firmware to be V1.4.8) 4)Clicked on the Control Tab and selected Ethernet Protocol and set sACN to DMX512 Output #1 to Universe 1 and turned it on ( BTW, sACN t DMX512 Outputs 2,3 and 4 started at 0, I changed them to 1, then back to 0 but they will not stay at 0; they go back to 1 whether they are turned on or off--SO they are all 4 on 1, but only output 1 is turned on) 5) Clicked Advance tab and selected Output 1 to start at Universe 3, Start Channel 1, Output 2 to Universe 4, Start Channel 1 and so on... (so there would be no conflict with #4 above) 6)Clicked OK all the way out 7)Then connected the ethernet port on my computer to the ethernet port on Pixcon 51 (after moving the jumper pin from ESTA to LOR) 8)Then connected the bridged DMX output 1 on the Pixcon to the RJ45 on a CMB24 9) Connected a dumb pixel strip to channel 1 of the CMB24 10)At this point the green light on the Pixcon is solid, the red is flash blinking. The red light on the CMB24 is solid red 11)Closed the Pixcon utililty 12)Opened the Comm Listener 13)No usb adapter are installed ever throughout this test 14)Opened the Hardware Utility and selected Pixel console 15)Checked DMX Pixel (E1.31) and got the pop up dialog box telling me to Ensure Listener is Running-which it is so i check OK 16)Set the universe to 1 and click on Controller White On button at the bottom 17)Nothing happens and the red light on the Pixcon is still fast blinking red and the red light on the CMB24 is still solid red Shouldn't the dumb pixel strip in channel 1 of the CMB24 be on now and shouldn't I have connectivity? PS. I did the same test with a 1602 AC controller with the same results (status lights on 1602 solid, but no lights)
  15. ShaggySS, I have overlapped strips in situations where "seamless" was a priority. One strip covers the other and the only item left to "hide" is the cable going into the strip that you place on top of the other. Depending on the strip you are using you should have 1"-2" in between led's to route the cable. Charles
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