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  1. Here are a couple videos of my 2017 Christmas Display. This year I converted all my CCPs and CCBs from Sequence Editor over to Pixel Editor. Still using S4 software but looking forward to using S5 next year...
  2. One of my segments of a concentric star prop uses a portion of two CCP strings. In the Prop Definition, the Unit # is 0D, the Start Circuit is 91, the End Circuit is 150, and a Carry Over of 30 exists. What will the Unit # and Circuit assignments be for the Carry Over circuits?
  3. Jade Rymkos

    Effect Generator Question

    I'm trying to repeat the same effect with the repeat mode set to "once_fit_to_duration" in two adjacent cells. Is there any work around or way to disconnect the second cell from the first so that the effect will be repeated in the second cell? I thought that I would be able to have the effect selected and use the fade down in the first cell, but PE still treats the two cells as a single zone/time period. Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions. - Jade
  4. Jade Rymkos

    Not Your Standard Pixel Tree Configuration

    Thanks Matt. One additional question. If I resize the prop and add a couple of these to my existing preview and groups will I run into any problems when I add effects since the layout is a matrix and not a tree? - Jade
  5. I don't use a typical pixel tree configuration. I use three CCB controllers and lay out the CCBs per the attached figure. Rows 1 through 12 have 24 CCBs and row 13 (top row) has 12 CCBs. I am trying to create a similar prop in the Pixel Editor but have been unsuccessful. I was hoping not to have unused bulbs. Any suggestions?
  6. I read a previous post that stated the first string in a 360 tree is always in the rear. Can someone explain how the Starting Location settings work. Seems like it should be in the 9 o'clock position when facing the tree when the starting location is set to "Bottom Left". Also, are the strings located in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction.
  7. Jade Rymkos

    PE Preview Limits

    Just wondering if the Pixel Editor Preview has the same maximum limits on the number of fixtures and props as the Visualizer?
  8. Hi All, Sorry I haven't had time to send sequence to everyone that has requested it. It is our busiest time of year. I have tried to attach the sequence the this post to make it available for download so you don't have to wait on me. Hope it helps!! - Jade 2013 TECHNO - Sugar Plum Fairy Remix.zip
  9. Every year I always seem to work on a couple new sequences when the display is up. This year I did a short (27 sec) Back in Black Dubstep AC/DC Remix and Bangarang by Skrillex. Attached is the Back in Black sequence for download. The mp3 is available on Amazon. I tried to upload the Bangarang sequence but couldn't get it under 500KB in size. - Jade 2013 DUBSTEP - Back in Black.zip
  10. Jade Rymkos

    Another Gangnam Style Sequence to Share

    Sequence sent. I don't think it was attached to this thread anymore. - Jade
  11. I'm not sure if it can be done. Maybe someone else knows...
  12. Here is one of my new sequences for this year. Feel free to edit it and use it. Regards, Jade
  13. Jade Rymkos

    My First New Sequence for 2013

    Thanks for the compliment Lenny and Doug. I'm also close to completing a few more new sequences for this season. I've decided to try and sequence O Come All Ye Faithful and An Angel Returned by TSO, Sugar Plum Fairy Remix by The Groove Gallery and Snoopys Christmas by The Royal Guardsmen. Hopefully I can wrap them up within a week.