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  1. I would like to get a copy please. Thank You j_ciuffo@comcast.net
  2. I would like a copy please, j_ciuffo@comcast.net Thank you
  3. Thanks everybody I Fixed it, The network Resister was in the wring Place. Again Thanks John
  4. I just put this kit CTB16PC together everything works but Circuits 5 through 8 has no power, What to do?:?
  5. Thanks Guys For all your help and I want to wish everybody a Marry Christmas
  6. Jeff Millard wrote: It's only a Year old. Will they send me a new Triac? How much do they Cost?
  7. Alan C wrote: Does your unit have the rotary switches for setting the address? If it does, then it does not need the jumper. Regards, Alan. yes
  8. -klb- wrote: I don't see any jumpers on my units. Are they suppost to have them? The jumper block is right next to my Set ID dials that is next to the Either net Plugins right.:?
  9. George Simmons wrote: Ok, I tryed all you told me to do and channel 9 still slays on. How do you reset it?
  10. My Controller is acting up tonight, my 9th channel won't go off for some reason it just stays on. Even when the song is over, it just stays on, I tryed turning the unit off and when I turn the unit back on it comes on and stays on it just started this tonight. What can I do? Help:(
  11. James Greszler wrote: Thanks I'll try it
  12. My MP3 song Starts before the Light sequence does, is there anyway I could Line them up?
  13. How wide do you make each strand of Lights using 100 ct light set on a 10 foot Pvc Pipe?
  14. My email is j_ciuffo@comcast.net Thanks
  15. Yes I would thank you. email in j_ciuffo@comcast.net
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