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  1. I had a dedicated laptop for my light show and it quit. I downloaded and installed all of my LOR to the new laptop. I have a pixel tree and 7 AC controllers that all work fine. My issue is I have an E1.31 bridge that I can access the configuration page and see the packets received but my 18 channel dumb rgb controllers aren't working. All of my elements worked correctly using the old laptop. Not sure what I'm missing in my setup to get this all working again. Appreciate any help. Mike
  2. I think if you use the vegomatic program to create your rgb channels you'll save a lot of time.
  3. A led bulb equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent is only 14.5 watts. They generate hardly any heat.
  4. In the pixel editor I found that under the preview tab the drop down menu for prop has the pixel layout and shows exactly how you called for your pixels to be laid out.
  5. I spent around 30 hours on my 16 string pixel tree. Some sequences shorter and some were longer. 35 dollars is more than reasonable.
  6. Can't wait to see what you come up with, Dave. My frozen sequence was a big hit thanks to your pixel tree sequence.
  7. It can actually do both smart and dumb.
  8. Smart strings each pixel requires 3 channels as each individual pixel is controlled regardless of the voltage. Dumb strings require only 3 channels as each individual pixel is not controlled, the entire string is the same color regardless of the voltage.
  9. I'll have to look and see as it was a while back. I just know that I was really disappointed with them. My display is not that far from the road and it barely looked like the deer were even lit up.
  10. Depending on the length of your run and how far away from the power supply/controller. 5v drops voltage quicker than 12v so you may need to use null pixels or inject power. I did a 16 string of 50 pixels for the tree and used 5v. My controller was about 6 feet from the first pixel and I had no problems.
  11. Good job. You made good use of your channels.
  12. I purchased some c7 leds last year to put in my blowmold deer . I was really disappointed with the results. The incandescent lights burned much brighter than the led. I have a box of them around somewhere. I will try led again if I can find some bright enough.
  13. Here's my video of Carol of the Bells. Sorry about the video quality.
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