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  1. This year for our annual Christmas Eve Dance we decided to get creative and have Santa get down to a mashup of All I want For Christmas is You and LMFAO party rock anthem. To our surprise it was a HUGE hit and the fans went crazy during it! They wanted didn't want "santa" to stop! Here it is!
  2. Yes Yes... It'll Be interesting to see... Hopefully everyone purchasing will get them up in time for the season cause i wanna see how they perform!
  3. If you want my opinion in this matter, I'm trying to figure out how this beast will not consume all my sequencing time. Firefly's already consume a lot of my sequencing and that only has 16 channels if you're using aurora. This Thing has 150 channels so sweet mother of god. They better have some genius way to control it or else people will be wasting plenty of time sequencing. I fear that not to many people will have this programmed in sequences this year.
  4. The mobile black box eclipse 4000 is a great product however you need to be careful with their warranty. Mine started having trouble about 9 months from the date of purchase (bad sound quality and took an awfully long time to pick up a frequency)so i talked to them about it and found out their warranty is only 3 months. Insane when you think others have 5 year warranties now
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