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  1. I used 3/4" electrical conduit for each strip. I had no place to store it for the off season. So no tree this year.
  2. Thanks Kevin. Now time to start planing for Christmas. Lol
  3. Thanks for the comments.. Lots of hard work went into this years show.
  4. The video was done with the garage door open and the screen stretched across the opening. The projector is located in the garage with my laptop. It's very easy to incorporate video with LOR. You need to make sure the video is a WMV file and add just like you would a music file.
  5. Sorry I don't have any build pictures of the Skull. He's was constructed with styrofoam and backed with plywood. I airbrushed the black features on his face.
  6. They are 2811 pixel strips I'm using for the verticle poles. I've shared my sequences from last years Area 51 in the LOR Facebook page. I won't be sharing any new sequences till Halloween is over.
  7. This is our 2013 Halloween lightshow and projection display.
  8. For everyone who keeps asking.. The fireworks were not fired using LOR. I used a Cobra Firing system with the 18R2 remote. The fireworks script on the 18R2 remote and LOR sequence were started at the same time.
  9. Yes.. I'm planning to add some pyro again this year to my Halloween display.
  10. This was our lightshow and Pyromusical for our annual fireworks display. http://youtu.be/yX_kyE2tKH4
  11. I've been using LOR for the past 4 years and have used up all 5 of my downloads. So can I purchase 5 more keys.? If so what's the cost.?
  12. I have the Adavanced license with SS 24CCRs. I'm planing on adding several more pixels to my display, so I'll be upgrading my PC. What's the cost to purchase a few more KEYs to allow me to download on new computers.?
  13. Anyone using a mobile device, the video is blocked and the screen page looks blank. PC will work..
  14. Is the video showing for everyone.? For some reason the screen is blank when I view this thread.? I don't have a pyrotechnic license at this time. I use all consumer firework products. We expect around 800 + spectators for our show in August. We setup our display on private property so we have no problems with the law.
  15. Here's a video of small clips from all my past shows. I'm having a blast http://youtu.be/QZVrfvQP064
  16. Thanks.. I'm getting excited for our big show in August. I plan to add more light poles and 2 times the amount of pyro. We also have a show stopper surprise planned for the display. If it all goes well, it will look crazy. I'll be sure to post vids.
  17. Thanks Tracy. That was the first time shooting our fireworks Display to music. Our large show is coming in August. I plan to have 10 light poles in total and we have twice the Fireworks budget as the first show. We have just placed another order for 4 more 18M Cobra modules. I can't wait. Sequencing Fireworks is very similar to sequencing lights.
  18. This was our Pyromusical and Light Show for Canada Day..I DID NOT USE LOR FOR FIREWORKS. We used the Wireless Cobra Firing System for the fireworks. Check out my YouTube channel for the full show. The Skull head is about 10ft tall. It was carved from styrofoam and mounted to plywood. I installed RGB nodes for the face. Check out (Hallett's Light Shows,Pyro and Special Effects) Facebook page for build pics. Firestarter- http://youtu.be/hJMlb0vX3Q8 Finale- http://youtu.be/k9VKMozoOVM
  19. This was our Pyromusical and Light Show. I DID NOT USE LOR FOR FIREWORKS. We used the Wireless Cobra Firing System for the fireworks. Check out my YouTube channel for the full show. Firestarter- http://youtu.be/hJMlb0vX3Q8 Finale- http://youtu.be/k9VKMozoOVM
  20. Hi Tracy, The UFO theme build is looking awesome. I was the guy that had the UFO over my roof last year. There are a ton of people on the LOR Facebook page. It would be great if you joined us there and post some build pictures. Mark
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