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  1. Sorry JR. I missed it to because I was building my deck and lost track of time before I knew it, it was 9:30 pm. eastern time. I will try harder next class if im not expelled from the class.
  2. Okay JR Here it is rmartin52@sympatico.ca
  3. Jr. I would like in and learn from the Master.
  4. If no problem for you I would like a copy too! rmartin52@sympatico.ca Thank you in advance.
  5. It looks great and has a nice flow to it from the front to the back. Great Job Im going to borrow some ideas.
  6. I too have been doing my display for many years (my parents did lots of lights really nothing like mine now but for them and me back then it was lots). when I started I have never did it for donations (my thoughts are Christmas is for the giving and this is my way of giving). However I have received so much JOY over and over from Kids and parents and grand parents, that I could not make the list as it would be soooo long but here is few 1. Email what is your address as My !00 year old Grand mother would like to see your lights again 3 years in a row 2. A boy 5 or 6 rings the door bell and hands me a hand made Rudolph made of wood thanks for doing the lights we come by no less then twice a week. 3. One year at tear down ( March) found $18.00 in a mail box prop. What to do ? their was young boy became scared of the firemen because he had a dear young friend pass away in a fire and his mind could only think that it was the fire men that made this happen. So I made arrangements for the two of us to go to the fire hall and donate the money to them at their meeting. With a lot of persuading he was able to walk into the meeting and donate. Moral of this story was not the money but to change the young boys thoughts of firemen. I still do not ask for donations smiles and happiness is all what is needed.
  7. Thank you That worked it's allways the little details.
  8. 1. I have no SS 2. Bought many sequences copy paste in SE Import into PE save as intenisty file colour plays properly on mega tree (strips are BRG) controller (alpha) set to BRG and prop in PE set to BRG. 3. First time creating a new sequence using the mega tree without a purchased sequence in PE and preview shows all colours right. but when played in the actual show Blue is Red.
  9. Don't need it here anymore either in Ontario. The rain has subsided now but wind is still blowing.
  10. Hi there can I have copy please rmartin52@sympatico.ca I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share
  11. First will S4 sequencer run rgb smart pixels. I have made a custom prop (singing bulb) using two universes with 100 smart pixels each. Using e1.31 controller. Also made a custom prop in visualizer. If first question is yes then I added device/universe 1 for 100 pixels.
  12. I only took the snow off the porch roof standing on a ladder, most of the props are on that roof and then I can reach the second story eves from there. I not even considering putting lights on the peak now. HMMMM more snow this morning is falling.
  13. Here in Canada / Ontario I started earlier this year then ever but we to have now have 6" of snow cold temps. and wind. On Saturday raked snow off the roof to put props on it Sunday didn't get all up so raked the lawn to put props out. Then Monday 6" of snow. The weather forecast warmer next week around 4 - 6 degrees. maybe then I will get it done.
  14. Setting up my prop in PE S4. How do I set up Prop in the Preview with 2 arches with 50 pixels each daisy chained together and then connected to 0ne port (E1.31). I can set it up as 2 separate 50 pixel arches on 2 different ports but want to only use one port.
  15. Can I get a copy to? Thank You James in advance. rmartin52@sympatico.ca
  16. No the ctb16pc is for 120 volt ac. lights only ( can be incandescent bulbs or LEDs)
  17. Race cars and hockey I used to race and build my own race cars usually 1974 Nova. I have gotten away from it now but my new hobby is working on my two kids two 1/2 scale Junior Late Model race cars and officially the taxi for hockey my daughter in competitive seems like all year and my son local league. But I love it and then some how I still get tens of thousands of lights up each year controlled by LOR.
  18. Hi James can I have a copy to please and thanks when you get a chance. novaracer52@gmail.com
  19. Here is just another thought as where I work we store wood trim in them and they are very durable. you can get them in many lengths and diameters. The product is Sono tube (that is what it called here in Ontario) it is the form for pouring round cement posts. For end caps we just cut a round piece of plywood and screw it inside at the end. It is available here in Ontario at any Big box hardware store.
  20. Okay I thought I read some where that I would only need Supper Star CCRs for the biggest prop I have to program. So Im just checking that I can sequence for an example 16 strip mega tree close out, sequence another 16 pixel tree close out, and then sequence all my windows close out. and so on as long as the CCR count is higher than the one 16 pixel tree. Then all the props will play at once in the show because the they don't need a high number of CCRs in SS as it is only a sequencing software. In order to do this would I also have to upgrade to S5
  21. Thanks to all for the help. I ordered a usb sound card got to wait for it. I ended up having to go into the bios and enabling the onboard sound there. Thanks again everyone.
  22. 1. used this computer for years controlling LOR lights, Older one (Vista pro home) 2. updated graphic card recently 3. Now have no sound (monitor or head phones) 4. Go to sound and the only thing there to pick from is high definition HDMI. there was a icon for speakers anolog witch Is what I need. 4. how can I get this back 5. I used the head phone jack for the FM. transmitter
  23. You need to upgrade your license level for more ID's, Basic will not work for that many unit ID' s
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