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  1. Griswwald Christmas Pixel

    James I to would like a copy to look at. rmartin52@sympatico.ca Thanks
  2. Buying sequences from Holiday Coro

    Looking on their web site. I have a 16 ribbon tree using E1.31 alphapix what sequence would I buy in the drop down menu? There is four to choose.
  3. Buying sequences from Holiday Coro

    Now I get it. Thanks
  4. Buying sequences from Holiday Coro

    I am only looking at the holiday 16 ribbon pixel tree musical animated sequence because I don't see that LOR has pixel tree sequence. I don't mind sequencing all my other channels just would like the 16 ribbon pixel tree. So with animated pictures moving across the tree will that work with the pixel editor (I don't have SS)
  5. If you buy their already made musical sequence do you have to have superstar or will they work with just the pixel editor.
  6. Pixie 16D Assigning ID

    So I assign the first I'D (20) and the software assigns the rest. We're would I find what the IDs are?
  7. Pixie 16D Assigning ID

    Question I have another network already with 8 Ac controllers on it Unit ID #1 to 8 Now I have created a new network LOR HS for the Pixie 16D Do I start with Unit 1 or do I start with an ID over the 8 ac controllers on the other network? If over the other 8 controllers is there any harm in leaving room for more and assigning unit number 20
  8. Any 16 strip Pixel tree sequence

    Hi James if you be so kind to send me 1 or 2 sequences 16 strip pixel tree so I can see how it looks. rmartin52@sympatico.ca Thanks in advance.
  9. Disco Santa

  10. universes

    Thanks to all for info. This forum is the best.
  11. universes

    My networks are 1 LOR network - 8 ac controllers (some gen 2) (some Gen 3). 1 DMX (entec pro) network - (1 universe 10 rgb Dumb 27 channel controllers) Adding the E1.31 network - HC alphapix 16 (through a 8 port switch for future expansion ) Adding 1 LOR HS. network - for pixie 16 Is this going to work or is there something I can combine.
  12. universes

    Question is I have an entec pro dongo set with universe 1 channels 1,2,3 etc. / universe 2 channels 1,2,3, etc. now have a Alpha Pix 16 using E1.31 do I start with universe 1 again or start with universe 3 and same question when I hook up my pixie 16 using the red high speed adapter
  13. I would like a copy when you have time. Thank You rmartin52@sympatico.ca
  14. Pixel Tree...Strips or Nodes?

    HC shows that their 16 x 50 pixel node tree as a 180 degree tree with 2" spacing. Will this look alright or should it be a 360 degree tree. or can the spacing be changed to 3" or 4" spacing for a taller 180 degree and even better
  15. Switching to Pixels this year

    it says that the FV16v2 gets 640 nodes per output if you are going to do a roof line would you break it down to 100 nodes or max it out.