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  1. taybrynn wrote: Hey Scott, PM me if you get a "EDM group buys" started.
  2. taybrynn wrote: When ripping songs from CD at 256kb, is it necessary to run each of the song through "Audicity" LAME encoder to 256kb and then run it through "MP3Gain"? What track volume do you normally set in MP3gain?
  3. Thanks taybann in pointing out to me where to get "MP3gain". Thanks Dave for the info about "MP3gain" and other aspect that deals with broadcasing sound. Guys, I had tried out "Audacity" and "MP3gain". It looks like I am leaning towards "MP3Gain". One reason as Taybann quoated "I like mp3gain because its a totally loss-less way to tweak each song to have matching volumes". Second, its easy to use and not time consuming. I did one music, that was wav format, using "Audacity" to normalize. This particular music had several lows than high. I had normalise it but still needed work to raise the volume up in the low sections of the music. It was tedious and time consuming. It worked, but time consuming. In using "MP3gain" it was a lot easier and not time consuming. I liked that it could do multiple files. Before using "MP3Gain", I set Window Media Player to rip music to MP3 at 192 kb. I reckon it depends on the user preferences to which program to use.
  4. Thanks Kevin about the shielded cables. I reckon I will visit Fry's to check out the cables and "Y" connectors. I checked out your web site and found out that we do not live that far apart. I live on the west side of 45 in "Westover Park" subdivision in League City. Thanks Brian about the "Y" connectors and volume setting level of the computer. Guys, here's a question and I would like your opinion. It has to do with ripping songs off CD to wav files to create a musical sequence. There are music that are not at the same volume. This will effect the output of music off the FM transmitter - a volume change will need to be done on the computer. I know about the "Audacity Sound Editor" and I have it installed on my machine. Do you guys run "Audacity" on your wav and normalise it once or normalise several times.? The reason I ask, some people mentions thats it is not required. I believe that it may be require, for example the "Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker" CD I own. It contains several music that are at low volume and requires increase of volume in order to hear it. That means that I will always have to adjust the volume on my computer to broadcast it. I did one song from the Nutcracker CD, and I had to normalise it several times. I just want your thoughts about it since you all have experience in broadcasting your shows.
  5. SPECTACULAR MIKE! Liked that video "Sandstorm 2008", my favorite! Mannn....O... Mann You had me stumping on the floor with the music and light show. Great Videos!
  6. taybrynn wrote: Thanks Taybrynn for the information you had given me. I am planning to start a light show for next year christmas. Right now, I am gathering all the information I need before I start purchasing my components, sometime early next year. What happens if its your WIFE on the computer? Better watch out for that Broom Stick!
  7. Hello, I would like to know if there are special types of cables to connect an EDM LCD FM transmitter to the PC. Currently my PC has a on board Sound Card that supports RealTek HD Audio (AC'97 audio). The output of my sound card are "Line-Out" and "S/PDIF-Out". The "Line-Out" is already being used for my PC speakers. The computer OS I'm using is Vista Ultimate X64. One more question - do I need a radio broadcasting program to operate the transmitter?
  8. Thanks again KLB, One more information I would like to know. I should be able to connnect another controller to the main controller with the linker - Right? I should not need another Linker for the second controller, correct me if I am wrong.
  9. Thanks KLB, I plan on using my computer as the show controller. I understand now that I will need a USB-485B for the Linker to transmit the animated show only and the main controller outside will have a Linker connected to it. As for the music, I plan on getting an EDM or Ramsey FM transmitter. I read from this formum that they are decient transmitters. Thanks again for your info. I just want to make sure I get all my stuff in order before I start purchasing the equipment that will be needed.
  10. cmoore60 wrote: Chuck, I am new to this and planning in getting the 16PC kit controller. So you are saying that if I purchase a 16PC kit, can it be the master controller? I am not interested in the stand alone with MP3 Director. I am looking into going wireless in using LOR "Easy Light Linker". Do you know if this have the capability?
  11. Toddmoon, Great Job on your lighting display.:cool: I do not have an LOR, but am preparing to get one for next year. Are your lights controll wireless using the Linkers that LOR supply?
  12. Richard Hamilton wrote: Richard, you must have been good this year and not naughty to recieve those free lights. I had ordered some C9 warm white LEDs a couple weeks ago, also not knowing if they were dimmable. To my surprise I check the box they came in today and found out they are dimmable and Full-Wave . :cool: I bought 4 of these from Christmaslightect.com website (Artificial Christmas Tree). They are commerical lights, 25ft length x 12 inch bub spacing and require a special adapter to operate the lights. The bubs on these strings are also replaceable. They are expensive! I got them on sell at 19.99 each + 8.95 Led Power Adapter + X-Power Tap + 2 commerial Spacer Wire 10.95 each (12 feet). Whew!:shock: I am lucky that my wife approve of this and I do not want to add those up again. For the money I spent, they better be dimmable. They look nice on the house at night. I will try to take picture of my static display tonight and post it.
  13. Steven wrote: Hi Steven, You are right about the C7 and C9 replacement LEDs. I got my info from Animated Lighting. The LEDs are ment to turn "on" and "off". The link to Animated Lighting about these bubs is listed below. http://www.animatedlighting.com/products/customshowprogramming.asp#On/Off_Shows_for_use_with_C7/C9_LED_Replacement_Bulbs
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