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  1. I havent tried to reinforce the 3/4" with foam, but i am using 1/2" electrical tubing (EMT), and it works great. I inserted a full stick (10'), and then cut and inserted 72" pieces, for a total of 16' per 3/4" PVC pipe. the 1/2" EMT works great
  2. By any chance are you relating "large" files? Many channels? I see the exact behavior with 3.9.0, when copying from nutcracker to LOR, with ~5000 channels, into a ~15k channel sequence (FYI they are anywhere from 50mb to 400mb when saved)??? If so, I open task manager, and watch the memory the SE is using. After it gets past 1.6GB I see the behavior you mention. As a work around, I start SE, open nutcracker file, copy 1 universe, save, close SE, rinse and repeat... Doing this got me through the last sequence I did, and took abut 90minutes to open, copy, save, close, open, copy, save, close..... Hope this "helps"... Michael
  3. Hey Jeff, The eBay listing is for "pixels" , not "dumb rgb". For my dumb rgb strands this year, I am using these: http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10&products_id=65 They are available in both 5v and 12v. I have 8 trees with 2 1/2 strands each and they look great. Michael
  4. August 5th works ( sunday) for me, as does the 18th. Getting it to work for everyone is going to be difficult. Perhaps, the people that are hosting should pick a date for there location that works best for them, and the rest of us make it work (or not). Michael
  5. Hey gang, I can setup my work schedule to be I the bay area after work, if we wanted to meet n the evening for a few hours 5:30-9ish? I think that getting together, getting to know people, finding out who is doing what, would be great! From there we can schedule next meeting(s), pick topics, have some one show us the cool thing that they are a master with, etc. I am very available after work the week of July 15th - 19th, and July 22nd - 26th... How about y'all? Mn
  6. Sign me up! I am in pacific grove (Monterey area), and work in the bay area. We can meet at my place, or I could drive up to the bay area. Any pick some dates, Michael
  7. What software package did you decide to go with? I bought light factory personal, and am also testing HLS.
  8. Complete bummer.... Now I find out... I have ~2,000 pixels for 2013, so I just purchased Light Factory Personal for $500, before the sale ended May 1st. I will be test driving it (as well as HLS) as soon as I get one of my new pixel trees built.... I am sad about the entire software (or lack there-of) fiasco (not just LOR, but the entire industry). I started with LOR 8 years ago, and fell in LOVE with the hardware, support, and software that allowed for such magical Holidays. It really sucks leaving the flock so to speak. I guess the good news is, I could look at it as the show is getting bigger (only regarding channel count), and as they say, "The show must go on!".
  9. Wold love to check these out! Please email to michael@pgchristmas.com Merry X
  10. Hi Brian, I am in PAcific Grove, about 75 minutes south, and often work in Santa Clara. I am setting up my first SuperStar tree this year, and would love to connect with him. Michael
  11. Got it Running! Not sure which of two things solved it, so I will list both. Hopefully, you can try either one, and see if it works. 1st) I did a complete uninstall of LOR, including the regwipe utility, as well as seaching (and deleting) the registry for "light-o". Then, I re-installed LOR, and the 1.6.0 patch. Not 1.6.3, or 1.6.9. 2nd) When installing, I choose to have the installer overwrite newer files (the computer is strictly a LOR box). All of them. That was it. I just scheduled a show, it started, and looks great. MN
  12. Well, After running RegWipe, I can schedule a show, and it will start, but it never plays the animations. It does start the background sequence, but no music, and no blinky-blinky. :-( MN
  13. Got it, This post: http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=15405&forum_id=71&highlight=registry Lead me to this post http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum71/15312.html Run the regwipe utility, and you should be good. MN
  14. Same issue here. I'll let you know if I figure it out.
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