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  1. Mouser part number from LOR support: RJ45 socket through hole: 571-5556416-1 Triac part number: 511-BTA24-600BW
  2. Yes, I know I can pull a ticket with LOR. But I just would like the part number for Mouser for the surface mount RJ45 sockets. All I can find when I search for any part number is people telling people to pull a ticket.
  3. Has anyone done the Theme from Doctor Who? I thought it would be a great piece for Halloween.
  4. I have an odd size matrix on two columns in front of my house. They wrap on three sides, so each column is 15x27 and I have the matrix setup to be 30x27. But instant sequence only goes up to 24. Is that the standard or is it because I have a 24 ccr license? I would like to use instant sequence on them, so if I need a bigger license I can certainly get it. Please let me know what the answer is.
  5. Thank you so much Brian, great software I will be glad when I am more proficient at it.. Is there a way to create stationary text from the Text function? I have been doing it manually using scenes.
  6. When I save from Superstar I end up files with .sup extensions. I have been able to solve my problem I think, by sequencing each element and then exporting it to its own sequence. Then I merge the .lid files and into the .lms file containing my original sequence. Would I gain anything to help me by upgrading to 4.3.34?
  7. Yes, I am still learning so I did not know how to do them together. I did each one separately and I adding them to my old LOR sequence using export in Superstar the problem is when I did the matrix sequence in Superstar it overwrote my pixel tree sequence. I am using 4.2.12, I am a little concerned about upgrading since we have already started our show. But if you think it will simplify what I am trying to do and won't affect what I have done. What version would you recommend I upgrade to make it easier?
  8. I have a 12 strip pixel tree and superstar has worked great for it. But for this year I added a matrix and when I export it from superstar to my LOR sequence editor it overwrites my pixel tree. What do I need where I can program for both controllers and import them into my existing LOR sequences? I hope I am explaining this well.
  9. We do a TSO night and I would love to add this song. I have been working on but a little stuck on part of it. Would love to see what someone has done. The more channels the better.
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