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  1. I have an odd size matrix on two columns in front of my house. They wrap on three sides, so each column is 15x27 and I have the matrix setup to be 30x27. But instant sequence only goes up to 24. Is that the standard or is it because I have a 24 ccr license? I would like to use instant sequence on them, so if I need a bigger license I can certainly get it. Please let me know what the answer is.
  2. Thank you so much Brian, great software I will be glad when I am more proficient at it.. Is there a way to create stationary text from the Text function? I have been doing it manually using scenes.
  3. When I save from Superstar I end up files with .sup extensions. I have been able to solve my problem I think, by sequencing each element and then exporting it to its own sequence. Then I merge the .lid files and into the .lms file containing my original sequence. Would I gain anything to help me by upgrading to 4.3.34?
  4. Yes, I am still learning so I did not know how to do them together. I did each one separately and I adding them to my old LOR sequence using export in Superstar the problem is when I did the matrix sequence in Superstar it overwrote my pixel tree sequence. I am using 4.2.12, I am a little concerned about upgrading since we have already started our show. But if you think it will simplify what I am trying to do and won't affect what I have done. What version would you recommend I upgrade to make it easier?
  5. I have a 12 strip pixel tree and superstar has worked great for it. But for this year I added a matrix and when I export it from superstar to my LOR sequence editor it overwrites my pixel tree. What do I need where I can program for both controllers and import them into my existing LOR sequences? I hope I am explaining this well.
  6. We do a TSO night and I would love to add this song. I have been working on but a little stuck on part of it. Would love to see what someone has done. The more channels the better.
  7. I feel like I have waited too long to contact them. I bet someone on this board knows the part number and where to buy them.
  8. I had a trick or treater cut through the yard and trip over a cord and bend a socket and now it doesn't work. Does anyone know what the model number of the part is and where I can order a few of them?
  9. That would be awesome if someone had it for singing trees and/or a pixel tree. I have the 2:33 minute Lou Monte version of the song.
  10. Still looking for a Dominik the donkey sequence. The one John Storm did is awesome, but the song has been edited in the middle and I can't figure out exactly where he edited it. If anyone has one they would like to share that is off a standard song I can purchase from iTunes or Amazon I would greatly appreciate it. I have some young fans that want me to add it to my children's rotation I play early every night.
  11. Show player has been OK except for the log it runs about 45 minutes then gives a line of Chinese looking characters then quits logging. I can live with that. It is the invalid media name error that keeps me from adding a track that is really causing issues.
  12. I am running version 4.2.10. A friend sent me a sequence he did in Superstar. I loaded it in Superstar and then exported it in Legacy format to sequence editor. When I went to sequence editor to add a track for my conventional LOR units I get the invalid file format error. I have done this same procedure with at least a dozen songs and this is the first one to give me an issue. I have tired saving it in sequence editor first then reopening and adding a track, but no luck. Any ideas? Oops before someone ask it is 4.2.10 Pro and I am licensed for 24 ccrs and am only using 12.
  13. So if you are using one of David Moore's Alphapix setups for a 12 string CCR tree is it better to buy sequences as DMX pixels or as CCRs?
  14. The more channels the better. Any and all help is appreciated in advance. Trying to beef up my children's hour play list.
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