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  1. Brian Leske

    Somebody to convert ccr to lms?

    I have been talking with LOR help desk and they are very helpful.
  2. Brian Leske

    Somebody to convert ccr to lms?

    I need 2 files that are in .sup converted into .lms file. Anybody with super star 12 ccr can do it. ? pm me
  3. Brian Leske

    CTB16K Light stays on

    It was the Triac. But mostly human error. If channel 6 is the one stuck on, you need to change the number 6 triac. I changed the number 3 triac because I forgot how to count. That was an oops..
  4. Brian Leske

    CTB16K Light stays on

    I emailed LightORama support. They are going to send out the Triac to me. To answer your questions.... There is no short and the light stays on with no computer hooked up. I will give you the final results once the new Triac gets installed.
  5. Brian Leske

    CTB16K Light stays on

    I have a CTB16K and one channel stays on. I replaced the triac with one of these and still stays on. Is this the correct triac or something else going on? Triac...>>>>> http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=BTA16-600BWRGvirtualkey51120000virtualkey511-BTA16-600BW
  6. I cant upload anymore...says they are too big...
  7. Here is a starter hot chocolate
  8. Brian Leske

    Grouping S3 across Dmx Universe

    I try to do that, but it I can't go past the end of the universe. I then have to group the remaining channels by themselves in the next universe. I would like to have them all in the same group if possible. If not, then I'll have to live with it. Thanks ..
  9. Question.. Can some one point me in the direction of grouping channels across dmx universes? Is it possible? ...Say that I have RGB group that ends at channel 160? and my universe channels end at 170... Then my second universe starts and I would like to add another fifteen channels to my first grouping in the 1st universe. Possible?
  10. Brian Leske

    FM25b For Sale

    sorry email address jokl12345@hotmail.com
  11. Brian Leske

    FM25b For Sale

    Hello All, I Have a Brand new FM25b for sale. I bought and put it together because my other Fm25b was not working. I sent my old one back to Ramsey and they fixed that one. So now I have an extra Fm25b for sale. It is tested and it works. I would like the original price 139.99 and thats all. I'll even ship it to for free.. any questions just email me or PM me. Thank you.
  12. Brian Leske

    Do You Hear What I Hear (32 Channel)

    http://spiraling.net/discography/ From the web site... Do You Hear What I Hear? (2006) Spiraling’s rendition of “Do You Hear What I Hear?”, an exuberant mash-up of the classic Christmas carol and The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”, had already become a much-anticipated highlight of the group’s holiday shows when the band decided to record it in 2006. Released as a “stocking stuffer” for the band’s fans, it became a surprise hit, receiving significant airplay on major commercial stations in the New York area and generating a flurry of downloads
  13. Brian Leske

    Paul Mccartney

    got this of the internet somewhere... Attached files Paul Mccartney - Wonderful Christmas Time.lms
  14. CTB16D Number 6 is constantly on andon the other side, the one is channel 14 wont turn on at all.. can you help me? Edit... #6 is constant on as soon as I plug the controller to power. Is it coincidence that they are they same channels on different sides?
  15. Brian Leske

    Controller Parts

    The Snowblower at them ..... I have a fix for this year... I got some pipe.