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  1. If you live in warmer climates, I have found using the 3M Command strips with dab of clear silicone sealant works very well on stucco. Put the Command strip on the stucco, peel the front facing off, and put a dab of silicone on it and push the CCR onto the silicone bead. I use a piece of duct tape to hold it in place for 24 hours...then peel the duct tape off. After the season, the command strip comes right off, and the silicone peels right off the CCR...easy removal with no mess.
  2. Thanks Don. When you say Compressed Sequence...besides the audio file, is this the only file needed to play using?
  3. I just upgraded to S3 and see all kinds of new file extensions...can anyone describe what they are for? Many were upgraded Sequences from S2... Examples are (for both musical and animation sequences): **.lms.lsv **.lms.lcs **.las.lcs **.las.lsv Thanks! Bryan
  4. I have 2 CCR's and used 1 over my entry way which has a very large arch and used the second across two 8' PVC arches and basically created two arches out of the single ribbon..effectively giving me 3 total arches (one 16' and 2 8')... If you need sequences, let me know. I have the CCR's separated into their own tracks, so pretty easy to grab them and incorporate cool effects (both macro and programmed)
  5. I had a similar issue, but realized that the 'connector' the ribbon wire is attached into was pulling away from the ribbon wire itself. Probably from me inserting and removing the connector into the control box, but clearly this is a weak point of the ribbon. I re-seated the wire into the connector and problem went away. I am just extra careful with this connector whenever I need to plug/unplug it from the controller.
  6. After reading my response, I actually want to clarify a bit more... The CCR does have a built-in controller, but is only for controlling the ribbon itself. The 16-channel LOR controller is simply another style controller which allows you to plug in up to 16 different lights and control them individually. You connect controllers together to form the LOR network which is used to communicate from the PC out to the controllers for programming the shows and controlling the lights.
  7. There are two concepts in play here...Network and the Channels. CCR is standalone, but only stand-alone from the perspective of the channels. You still need to 'link' it into the LOR network via Cat-5. The Network is what is used to send the information from the PC to the lights and CCR to say 'turn on, turn off' etc. For instance, if you had a LOR 16 channel controller for some lights, you could 'link' the CCR to the controller and then the controller back to your PC (all through Cat 5e) and then attach the Cat 5e to the PCvia USB or Serial. This way, the hardware utility can see both the 16-Channel controller AND the CCR with only one connection (USB or Serial). Make sense?
  8. Wow, I used the same box...no leaks on mine. Did you see if it was a leak or condensation?
  9. Thought I would share some of our Holiday lighting for this year. Enjoy!! The Dolan’s ==================================================== (Click the links to be brought to the Videos…) Frosty the Snowman – Perry Como http://vimeo.com/8539604 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee http://vimeo.com/8542368 Queen of the Winter Night - Trans-Siberian Orchestra **Personal Favorite http://vimeo.com/8542387 Santa Claus is Comin' to Town – Frank Sinatra http://vimeo.com/8542858 Mr. Heatmiser – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy http://vimeo.com/8544586 Silent Night – Sinead O’Connor http://vimeo.com/8544552 Do You Hear What I Hear – Spiraling**Personal Favorite http://vimeo.com/8544564
  10. OK, one season under my belt, and I used the CCR very successfully in my show this season. Thought I would share a couple of things I learned from mounting to use... I have attached a short video showing how I used them this year. I have 2 CCR's, one used to outline a large arch over my entrance and one attached to PVC for a double arch. I live in FL, so I had temperature variances this season of 40-80 degrees F with both direct sun (West facing house) as well as significant rain. My home is stucco, and I had major problems trying to figure out how to get the CCR to mount on my home without penetrating the stucco. I ended up using 3M's COMMAND (medium) strips to attach to the house, put a dab of clear silicone caulking on top of that and the combination of the stickiness of the COMMAND strip and the resilience of the caulking kept the strip in check on the side of the house for the entire two months. I just took them down yesterday, and simply pulled the tab of the COMMAND strip, it came right off the house, no problem...and then simply peeled the caulking from the back of the CCR without issue as well. Looks brand new! I packaged my control units in a 6x6 weather resistant electrical junction box from Home Depot ($12 ea. I think). Drilled a hole in the bottom to feed wires and used putty to seal the hole. Both were exposed to direct rain. Opened it up yesterday and not even a bug got inside. As for programming, this was a MAJOR challenge. I ended up blending both macros as well as splitting out the channels in RGB to control the effects I wanted. LOR has to make this part easier for mass production/large scale distribution of the CCR to the masses of people...it is a phenomenal product, but a complete paradigm shift in how to program from the traditional channel model. They also need to upgrade the Sequence Editor to support CCR in a more integrated way as not only are the channels/macros difficult, but the inability to see the CCR in the Preview window really bites. All in all, a very good quality product, but clearly rushed to market without the supporting knowledge or infrastructure to support it effectively to the masses. This may have damaged the reputation of the product overall and LOR will have to do some mending before a Rev 1 product is released next time. As for how it looked...see for yourself in the video. It was clearly a hit and definitely the brightest lights in the show. Bryan Attached files CCRx2.zip
  11. I used 2 CCR's this year, one to outline part of the house and one as a double arch. I have 6 songs sequenced to them, but when not running the show, have it on a Candy Cane effect with a warmer 'white' than the normal 'bright' white to blend into the rest of the lights. I use C9's on the rest of the house trim...clearly, the CCR's are MUCH brighter!! Attached files CCRx2.zip
  12. If you want to talk through anything. let me know and I will pass you my phone # and impart what I have learned...
  13. I had very similar behavior until I reviewed the Channel info in the Channel Property Tool and found a mis-numbered ID in the list and a second channel with the wrong Channel ID. I would start there...kind of a pain, I know, but once you get them right, export the channel config!!
  14. OK, Here is a sequence I spent a good part of the day putting together...let me know your thoughts. It has both RGB and Macros in use as I found it is sometimes easier to do things in Macros versus RGB and vice-versa. Enjoy, Bryan Attached files Queen of the Winter Night - 2009.zip
  15. I am over here in Tampa, with similar rain patterns and both of my CCR's seem to have held up well...no issues with water. I have the wiring going into waterproof box where the controllers are with putty stuffing up the holes into the boxes.
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