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  1. kiwixmas

    random channels

    thinking about next year animations ! maybe silly question ??? can you get random channels to go on and off?? using lor software thanks in advance peter
  2. kiwixmas

    LOR AND Holiday coro dmx

    just found the problem with the above lor listener found I had not entered the proper protocol in dmx in preference tab peter
  3. kiwixmas

    LOR AND Holiday coro dmx

    had a acomputer crash earlier this year and though i had saved all files ! my problem is i use lor usb 485b connector for lor boards and use Holiday coro acti dongle for all my dmx units ( all seqences are run in animation ) cant get any dmx units to work ?? get an error message in lor listener post = DMX LISTENER ERROR 3 , COMM WINSOCK ERROR /10053 connection is aborted due to time out or other failure?? the holiday coro dongle has dmx signal light flashing ?/ ( pretty that means it is receiving data ?? ( IS THIS CORRECT ) any help would be great thanks peter
  4. hi just kid started my laptop for the first time this year( only used to test as we put lights up ) when we activate sequence can see channel channels switch on and off but the time bar doesnt not move ?? any suggestion what could be the problem?? thanks peter clarke new zealand
  5. kiwixmas

    led strip lights 3528

    Hi just wondering if there is any difference between the white and black PCB on strip lights ? thanks in advance
  6. I have cmb24 board one channel light is on all the time ?? Am i right in thinking it is a bad triac ??? reset board no change ? thanks in advance
  7. kiwixmas

    lights blinking

    have just checked stand -alone tab nothing there !! thanks don regards peter
  8. kiwixmas

    lights blinking

    I have a CMB 24 -V6 board for some unknown reason the all the lights are blinking !!! I have used led tester at the board and all 24 circuits work but they blink instead of being stead on can anyone tell me if it is a fallt with the board and would need returning to lor or is there some way of fixing the problem ? thanks in advance
  9. kiwixmas

    Test sequence not turning on right dmx channel

  10. kiwixmas

    Test sequence not turning on right dmx channel

    just a thought , what is maximum distant the signal will carry using cat 5 cable between actidongle and controller ?? anybody got any idea ?? thanks in advance
  11. kiwixmas

    Test sequence not turning on right dmx channel

    Hi sorry i have not replied i have been tied up on work!! the lights come on but not as expected . i am not rgb just one colour as this board will eventually be used as animations on 27 ch. I set the board up in dmx universe tab in network preferences used the adapter which showed up as numbers and letters and , protocol used was ENTTEC DMX UBS PRO hope this helps queries thanks for your input
  12. kiwixmas

    Test sequence not turning on right dmx channel

    the dip switch no. 10 is in the off and lights all go when in the on position also wondering whether i reset board back to factory setting ( if this is possible) and start again thanks for replies
  13. hi first go at dmx using lor software problem is i made up a test sequence in lor running it though a separate com port (5) though a holiday dongle version 2 into cat5 and into a ray wu 27 channel dmx unit . but the lights are not going on as programmed into lor ,( they are going on all over the 27 channels) but seem to be in a consistant pattern) ) the lor listener is working fine i am getting dmx signal at the dongle (green flashing light) on the controller the red light is flashing has any one had this problem or can solve it for me ? thanks in advance
  14. kiwixmas

    error message in 3.11.2

    thanks for all the help late last night I decided to update lor to 3.12.2 this seems to have fixed the problem . I also did a lor repair at the same time . thankyou once again
  15. hi just started thinking about this coming years display and started up lor and get this message when I go to open sequencing COMDLG32.OCX . or one of its dependences not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid does this mean I have to buy a new licence ??? ( but checking licence says ok to 3.15 )??? any help would be appreciated , thanks