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  1. mrduncan

    Show Out of Wack

    Update: Updated LOR software to 4.3.26. The light sequences are not sync'ing correctly in the Show but lights sequence correctly when run from the Sequence Editor....hummmm. Update 2: After spending a couple of hours trying to single out the cause of this problem, it appeals that one of the CAT connections must had built up a little tarnish between the CAT5 plug contacts and the CAT5 socket on the LOR board. Resetting all these connections has seem to fix the problem.
  2. mrduncan

    Show Out of Wack

    I've been running my Christmas Light Show since 1 Dec with no problems but for some reason tonight, all the LOR channels are missing and/or skipping beats as if the lights are out of sync. I'm running 4-LOR systems and 4-RGB systems. The LOR software is 4..2.10 Advanced Edition. Any ideas where to hunt down this problem???
  3. So, I'm setting up my Halloween display and accidently cut one of the power cords connected to the LOR controller (LOR1602W). This popped one of the fuses in the controller. Replaced the fuse, but now that particular channel stays on all the time. I suspect it's the SCR on that channel. If so, where can I purchase a SCR?
  4. mrduncan

    RGB in Visualizer not working in S4

    That was the problem. Thanks.
  5. Started programming for the holidays with LOR S3 (Advanced) and the LOR Seq Editor and Visualizer were all working perfectly. Renewal my LOR license to S4 and the Visualizer is simulating the single color lights as before but the simulator is not displaying the RGB lights. Any ideas on how the get the RGB working in the Visualizer simulation mode? Computer operating system is Windows 10.
  6. mrduncan

    Visualizer File Extensions

    Thanks....that for the key piece of information that put the puzzle back together.
  7. mrduncan

    Visualizer File Extensions

    Well just dusting off all my LOR stuff and I just recently upgraded my computer. I was using LOR 3.10.14 last year. Just install LOR 3.12.2 but will be upgrading to LOR 4.1.2 shortly. And, of course, all the file links are broken on the new computer. I'm trying to open last years visualizer file which I though had a file extension of .lcc. I've opened up the visualizer program and under open file, it's looking for file extension .lee which I thought were the individual light fixtures that you place in the visualizer. I must be brain dead from last year... but wasn't the visualizer a separate LOR program from the LOR Sequence Editor? And if so, how do I open the visualizer files?
  8. mrduncan

    DMXKing Ultra DMX Micro Setup

    Looking for help on setting an Ultra DMX Micro from DMXKing. I used it last year with no problem but I recall it took awhile to get it to work. I'm in the process of checking out everything and I can't seem to get the DMX to work now. I have gone into the LOR Network Preferences and have selected the Adapter and under Protocol, selected both ENTTEC DMX USB Pro and Raw DMX. Once selected, the LORCommListener window opens up. Under the Play tab, I have selected Control Lights. What am I missing??? ******UPDATE********** Not sure what I did but it's working now.
  9. mrduncan

    Sticking Channel

    No LED's on this controller......each channel has 100 incandescent mini-lights.
  10. mrduncan

    How many use shielded ethernet cable

    Just to be clear, do the blue and white wire go to pins 4 and 5???
  11. mrduncan

    Sticking Channel

    Here's my problem.......I have 5 - 16 channel LOR controllers and one controller randomly has one or two channels stick "ON" on the first bank (1-8) of channels. The sticky channel turns off after it is commanded to turn "ON" and "OFF" again. Any idea on what the problem is?
  12. mrduncan

    LOR Controller Dead - HELP!

    I knew I liked LOR products........messed with the unit for about an hour, checking the fuses, checking power on the down side of the fuse, plugging the unit in multiple time, and all the sudden......the LED started blinking. Gen 2 must have self-healing PC boards and components. This all started when I tried to plug a LOR DC controller card in-line at the suspect LOR CB16......makes you want to say HUMMMMM.....
  13. mrduncan

    CMB16D lights staying on after show

    I assume you are running your show via the Show Editor. If so, is the box checked on the Musical TAB to turn used lights off at the end of each sequence?
  14. I just has one of my CTB16PCG2 totally go dead....no blinking green light. Fuses check out OK. Any other ideas where to look for the problem? Thanks in advance.....Mike
  15. I have several groups of RGB channels and I'm trying to figure out how I can expand all the RGB channels under a group with one key or mouse action. Is there a way to do this?