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  1. I agree with the congestion of the LOR network but everything works fine when controlling the lights via the Sequence Editor. I just have this problem when running the sequences through the Show Editor.
  2. My network preferences are Regular LOR network. The speed is set to the default (57.6K). The RGB controllers are Dumb RGB controllers from HoildayCoro controlled via a DMX adapter. These are set to channels 205 - 474.
  3. I’m currently running S4 (version 4.4.4). Computer configuration: · Windows 7 · Processor: Intel Core i5 – 2400 CPU 3.10 GHz · RAM: 4 GB My LOR setup: · 4 – CTB16PC 16 channel controllers (3 - Gen 1 and 1 – Gen 2) · 6 – RGB controllers. In musical sequences that contain very fast on/off sections, the LOR units are skipping sections (i.e. randomly channels are not turning on or channels are turning on and not turning off for a couple of beats). The musical sequences run fine when run within the LOR Sequence Editor. This only occurs when running the sequences within the Show Editor. The RGB controller’s run just fine during the same very fast musical sections.
  4. There seems to limited prop options under the "Add Items" in the Preview Design. Are there other source for props, in particular props used for single color props (i.e. not Dumb or Smart RGB props)? I'm looking for Halloween single color props.
  5. LOR indicates only to upgrade firmware if you are have issues with your LOR controllers. Based on this, is there any advantage in updating firmware?
  6. Looks like I have 4 - Gen 1 V1 (lower middle board - red LED) 1 - Gen 1 V2 (lower middle board - red LED) 1 - Gen2 V4 (upper left board - green LED) (but the HU indicates it's a G3) I'm currently running 4 - CTB-16PC controllers and 8 - DMX RGB controllers without any issues. When does 115K speed become an issue?
  7. I've been running LOR CTB-16PC units for about 10 Year. Started with one and about every year, I would expand by one more CTB-16PC. I have a total of 6 units now and looking for information on what generation version boards I have and what the differences are in the different boards I most likely have.
  8. Initially, I started rebuilding some of my props but wasn't sure what I was doing and totally messed up the channels. But, after playing with of for a couple of hours, I think I've figured out what I was doing wrong so I deleted the entire file and started over.
  9. Yeah, I have a really old computer (with S4) that I use for the actual light show and my main computer (with S5) to do all the programming on. I'm slowly learning how to use S5. So, any minor changes to this year's sequences will definitely be done on the S4 computer while I play on the S5 computer. After playing around with S5 for several hours and reviewing some of the S5 tutorials, the main issue is the S5 menu layout is totally different than previous versions. This biggest difference I'm seeing is that for any new channels, you must first generate new prop in the preview editor. The main problem is that some of the props I generated on the S4 are not transferring over to S5 very cleanly. The S5 editor and preview works and looks fine to run the S4 sequences but since the some of the S4 were poorly generated, the S5 preview editor Design and String Summary have a lot for additional information for the individual props then would is really needed. Also, printing out the channel configuration is definitely more challenging. But, because of my poorly designed props in S4, in order to make the channel configuration usable requires stripping out a lot of the clutter.
  10. I see that now. I haven't developed any new sequences in about 3 years. I never had to mess the timing drop down drop. I just made the timing changes on the individual tracks. I know I'll grow to like S5 over time and there is probably a logical reason in S5 that you have select the individual Freeform timing for the individual Grid Views (if they are different). In S4, I never had to mess with it because all the different track timings were visible in the main editor screen. Thanks for all your help.
  11. Ok, try this link. The bottom 2 tracks have different timing than the top tracks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h6dj95wf0jvwu13/S4.jpg?dl=0
  12. If you can tell me how to copy the Dropbox link, I can send you a screen shot of my S4 sequence.
  13. Before S5, I was using S4.3.26. Maybe a later version of S4 had the dropdown timing options.
  14. Sorry, this is the first time I've used DropBox and I'm not sure how to provide the link to the pic. I really don't recall how I setup the individual track timing marks since most of these file were developed many years ago, but I see all the different timing marks across all the tracks in the main view without having to select any timing option drop downs. The pic I tried to send you would show this.
  15. Disregard, I think I see it now. When I selected FreeForm2, it was blank. But I see different timing mark on FreeForm 3, 4, 5.
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