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  1. Description pretty much explained it all but I've got a 22' wide space to work with at the front of my yard. I've purchased two CCRs and would like to have four arches made from these. Based upon the length of the CCRs and people's personal experiences, how far apart should I space the bases (rebar) for each PVC arch? On a side note, what are most people using for PVC? 3/4"?? Thanks in advance!
  2. jimswinder wrote: I'd have to download it and try it out. So, essentially I could just highlight the entire sequence range and save it to the clipboard. I'd name it. Then inport it into Bob's program, flip it and rename it. Then take it off the clipboard and paste it over the original sequence? I'll of course save the original full sequence with a different name in case of catastrophic failure. Is there a limit to the number of channels or time that can be utilized with Bob's Flip Tool? Thanks in advance!
  3. Eventually hmm... guess we're not going to get that date any further nailed down huh?
  4. OK, so here's the set-up. Four eight foot arches utilizing two CCR's to create two arches each (CCR1 = Arch 1&2, CCR2 = Arch 3&4). I have a control box I want to mount between Arch 2&3 to keep all of the wires nice and protected. I didn't think about this however before beginning the sequencing aspect of these. Now that I have several sequences done, I've realized I need to change the positioning. Essentially I have 1-50 and then 1-50 when I need 50-1 and then 1-50 so that the box can be in the middle. If I do that though, all my chases and several other sequencing elements will be off. Is there anything I can do to change the pixel IDs or something to make this happen without a lot of resequencing or leaving the CCR wires open to the elements? I've attached a crude drawing of the set-up I'm looking for. Attached files
  5. I ended up returning my spade board and went another route. Would definitely have prefered the screw in board and when I talked to the LOR rep about the refund, etc. she said they were looking into building them again but could not provide a timeline or promise to update me via email.
  6. The quick connect version is not what I was hoping for and would like to know when the screw in terminal version will be available for purchase again. Anyone know when it will be available for sale??
  7. Need to do my offline registration through the Light-O-Rama support phone number. It's 8:30 CST, will I get a call back tonight or will I have to wait for business hours tomorrow?
  8. Simple solution to a very aggravating problem. Thank you for allowing me to see my first LOR sequence (albeit extremely basic) in real life. I think I may be hooked....
  9. OK, so at this point I have my show computer loaded with the newest version of LOR II. I'd written a small test sequence using the LOR demo. I'm now trying to play that sequence on my show computer. I wrote it on the laptop so I've burned a copy of it and the MP3 I used and transferred them to the show computer. When I go to play the sequence it says "Cannot find media file: C: blahblahblah or the location of the file on my laptop. So I figured, well I'll just start a new musical file using the MP3 and copy over my work to it. When I go to start the new musical sequence and choose the MP3 it says: Open Media File C:WINDOWSDesktopCeline Dion - So This is Christmas.mp3 This file exists with Read Only Attributes. Please use a different file name. I've tried changing the file name and it won't accept any of my variations. The file will play in Windows Media Player which I just upgraded to version 9. Is this b/c I downloaded the file off of the net and didn't rip a purchased version (don't worry, I'll start buying the CD's I use to protect myself)? I know the learning curve is a little steep when you get started with a project like this but man, it's getting steeper and steeper. Thanks for the help in advance....
  10. Amazon.com and they're both on the way. Thanks!
  11. From one Texan to another, thanks y'all!
  12. OK, so I've got a strand of C9 bulbs I'm using in my display (actually several) but I'm thinking next year I'll reroute the strands and on several of the strands I will only need 15 of the 25 lights. Questions: a) Is it safe to do the math at 7 watts each, my power draw would only be 105 watts or .9 amps? What's the best method to use to cover these unlit lights? (leave bulb in but slightly unscrewed? black electic tape over socket? etc?) Thanks in advance!
  13. I keep seeing people talking about adding snubbers to their strings of lights, etc. to correct certain problems. One problem, I have no idea what a snubber is, what it does and why you'd use it. Any help?
  14. Texan78 wrote: Well, the circuit I currently have the Gemmy plugged into is inside one of our spare bedrooms that I'll eventually convert into an office. I imagine that only the plugs and ceiliing light are wired to that circuit but could not be sure. I'm not sure what you mean when you say are there "5 tabs on the outside, or is there actually 5 open slots". There are five small panels, maybe 1 1/2" wide by 1" tall that do not have any switches on them. I did notice however that some of these small panels have two small switches mounted top and bottom that can be thrown independent of one another but that the majority contain a larger switch that takes up the entire panel.
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