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  1. SnappyTom

    CCR Staying on between sequences

    Yes it is checked I am thinking the ribbons are bad.
  2. SnappyTom

    I have sound but no lights

    Ok had help and he figured it out. Yesterday I unplugged both 485s adapters to setup an ELL. When I plugged them back in I plugged them in the wrong 485. So the cat5 cables were backwards. Switched them back and all is well. Thanks to all
  3. I am having the same problem. It was working fine yesterday afternoon and when I turned the show on that evening sound with no lights. The only thing different yesterday was, trying to get a ELLs to work with no luck. LOR all the way. Is Listener suppost to say "(Sequence Editor) connection closed while reading msg header?
  4. SnappyTom

    Controllers aren't connecting with each other

    If you need to use the bad box, now you know what one it is. You can put that box at the end of you daisy chain and it should work if you plug it into the working plug.
  5. SnappyTom

    I have sound but no lights

    The only thing I was doing with LOR yesterday afternoon was trying to get an EEL to work. After I can figure out why my lights are not working, EELs will be my next question.
  6. SnappyTom

    I have sound but no lights

    Yes LOR on my laptop. Yes the control panel is running with the Light bulb in the bottom right corner of screen. I right click the bulb to turn on sequence editor to try a test sequence and still sound with no lights.
  7. It was playing fine earlier but now, show will not play any lights. Went to hardware utility recognizes all the controllers and the red lights are on solid on all the controllers Went to Sequence editor and when playing a sequence I only get sound no lights.
  8. Any I ideas on why on my 12 CCR tree, the #1 row is staying on and 3 leds on the next row are staying on between sequences?
  9. SnappyTom

    CCR's partially working

    Do you have One or two networks setup? Are all the lights on your controllers solid red?
  10. When I go to check the network setting in Sequence editor I get a run time error/Automation error. Only half of my ccr tree is working. Iv checked to make sure all is plugged in correctly. Any ideas? Thanks Tom
  11. The image file size it to large and I don't know how to make them smaller.
  12. I tried to drill 3/16 and a larger hose to rivet it with a 1/2 rivet but the nose of the rivet gun didn't fit down in the hole. So I used 7/8 rivets and riveted through the 3/4 tubing. Also a few more pics on the way. Thanks for all the help
  13. I found it. More reply options thanks
  14. Ok what is the trick to post pictures? I dont see an attachment button.
  15. Thanks frank , I've read all your comments on this and followed a lot of your instructions. I riveted my frame together. I have a place to store it. As of last year I was using rope to hang my ribbons. I have 2 unrepairable ribbons being replaced now. Tom