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  1. Sorry for the late response, as I am just now revisiting this issue. The PixCon16 board is being sent to LOR for repair, as I never got it to work past the first 30 pixels. Thanks....
  2. This is my current Pixel port setup. When testing this board in the LOR Hardware/Pixel console, only 30 are lit. This was not the case with the first PixCon16 board. All 100 would light with my first board, before it went bad. Does anything stand out from this screenshot?
  3. Count me in. As of right now, any weekend would be good. Looking forward to this, if we can make it happen.
  4. This is what I have for port #1 in Network config. I have one set of 100 WS2811 pixels connected. They all light when tested directly from the board test. Only 30 light when tested using the LOR Hardware Pixel console test.
  5. OMG.... Glendora. Not far at all. I spent another two hours tonight working on my pixel setup, with no success. I would love to resolve this. Thanks! I will PM you.
  6. I was hesitant to post this, but I am close to giving up for the year. Like many people on this forum, I am a long time LOR user that decided to make the jump to RGB Pixels this year. The months of preparation did not pay off. After purchasing my PixCon16 board from LOR, WS2811 Pixels and cables from Ray Wu, enclosure with power supplies & mounting kit from Holiday Coro, Pixel strips from Boscoyo, power distribution board from Crockett etc., I felt that I was armed and ready. That is where the fun began. After taking many online tutorials and upgrading my LOR software to Pro, I started creating in Pixel editor, and finished two sequences. Then it came time to test one set of 100 pixels. I configured the PixCon16 using the Network Configuration tool. The RGB test worked fine. I then used the Pixel console test in the LOR Hardware program. The entire string of 100 RGB pixels tested fine. Two days later the board failed, and no longer communicated through the Ethernet port. After a few days of LOR tech support, a replacement board was shipped to me. For what it’s worth, the replacement board is marked as a “PixCon 16 MkII V 1.0”. Not sure if this is an older board, or newer than my original board, which was labeled as a "Pixcon16 V1.3". In the Network Configuration tool, the replacement board showed up as a PixLite MkII. The board was immediately seen in Network Configuration, and setup like the original board. The Network Configuration RGB test worked fine. All 100 RGB lights worked. However, in the LOR Hardware program, only the first 30 pixels light when testing in the pixel console. Regardless of what port or pixel light string is connected. Never more than the first 30 pixels light up. Something must be painfully obvious that I am staring at, but overlooking. I am running LOR 4.3.26 Pro, using an Enhanced LOR network, at 500k using the high speed USB485 adapter. The Pixcon16 board is configured with a static IP, using WS2811/12, High Speed, 100 lights per string. Firmware is v2.0.9. Nothing but the PixCon16 board is currently connected to my PC. And no, the pixels do not work correctly when playing back my sequence. Any suggestions? I am taking down all of my lights starting next week, except for my pixels until I figure this out. I will attach screenshots if requested, once I figure out the picture link sharing feature on this forum. Thank you in advance, and Happy New Year!
  7. Update - The LOR helpdesk came to the conclusion that my Pixcon16 board is bad. They are sending a replacement as the board was purchased in September, 2017. I noticed what may appear to be poor soldering on the bottom of the board around the ethernet jack. They are not your normal shiny silver beads of solder. A big thank you to everybody that replied with a suggestion!!
  8. Thanks for responding. No link light on any router port I connect it to. I have working CAT5 cables. The Pixcon RF45 jack looks good inside. No bent pins. I tried to upload a picture of the Pixcon port light for what it's worth, but I am restricted from uploading another picture. Not sure why.
  9. Hello! I have opened a trouble ticket with this information - I have a new Pixcon16 card mounted in a CG1500 box. I set the board up connected to my router using the Network configuration tool, and successfully tested a 100 light set of RGB pixels. I simply brought the box from my test location upstairs, to my computer that runs my light show downstairs, and I can no longer see the board on my network. I took the board back to the original test location, and it is not seen there anymore either. I pressed the factory IP button on the board with no success. I shut down my computer, connected the board to the ethernet port of my PC, then booted up the PC, then the board. Still no go. The only thing that may not look right is the ethernet port of the Pixcon16. There is a solid amber light on the right side of the ethernet port, with or without an ethernet cable plugged in. Any suggestions?
  10. OK, I bought the HS adapter. I bought another 16 channel controller while I was at it. I couldn't resist. LOL! Can't wait to test it out. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks everybody for the feedback. I will purchase the high speed adapter. I particularly like George's response... "I might not require the higher speed TODAY." That's exactly what I told my wife last night. CCR's and pixels may be added before you know it!
  12. I am in need of a new USB-RS485 adapter. I am running six LOR 16 channel controllers and one CMB-24D. I see the High Speed adapter is on sale for the Mad Grab. I do not really require the High Speed, but since the sale price makes it less expensive than the slower adapter, I should have no issues using the faster one? Just wanted to confirm. Thanks in advance!!
  13. James - I would love to check out your Frozen sequences. Thank you!! billnlett@charter.net
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