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  1. Sound outputs music & voice to different speakersI

    I quite like this! Now need to find an audio editor
  2. Hi everyone! Been a while since I posted, I hope everyone is well. In 2011 & 2012 I was displaying my custom animatronics (Claus & the Paws) I am quite keen to revisit them this year with major improvements, however I want to make the sound better.... as in any audio coming from the characters I want the sound to come from near that area and not from a speaker the other side of the yard... and vice versa when they do jokes/chit chat during a sequenced song I want that to not be everywhere else.... How could I achieve better sound direction outputs/splitting? Is it possible to run two LOR show PCs that are in sync but one can play a modified audio track that does the audio for the animatronics with a dedicated speaker? Your input is kindly appreciated. Thanks Karl
  3. My first video of completed animatronics project!

  4. The documentary I am going to be in!

    This is the trailer, enjoy!
  5. My first video of completed animatronics project!

    whoooo National press coverage! - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2071523/Christmas-lights-Meet-people-pull-stops.html#comments Its really interesting to read the publics comments at the bottom! So many scrooges!
  6. My first video of completed animatronics project!

    are we talking about the animatronics or snow? haha
  7. My first video of completed animatronics project!

    You need to speak to Paul Toole. I am only mentioned in the article. I believe your talking about the white imitation snow? Its just a fabric on a roll which Paul has laid out and crumpled to create a snowy effect
  8. My first video of completed animatronics project!

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150419459571919&set=a.278440221918.143682.510121918&type=1&theater I received a little mention in the Radio Times -Tv Guide!
  9. :-) more higher quality videos to come as soon as I have my macbook!
  10. My 2011 Animatronic show project

  11. Broken snow machine

    my snow machine isnt blowing snow....the fan works but I think the pump may of died...now sure how I can fix/repair...any ideas?
  12. 17 days to go....

    19th December the christmas lights documentary I have been filmed for will be on air...eeek! http://www.channel4.com/programmes/king-of-christmas-lights
  13. DIO32 going crazy

    new power supply seemes to have solved it! More amps too!
  14. My 2011 Animatronic show project

    Was up and running but having a tech issue with the DIO32 so will get videos posted ASAP!
  15. having to constantly 'baby sit' display due to 5+ crashes a night

    It ran perfectly tonight, just made sure the power settings on the pc were to high performance and made sure the USB power saving feature didnt come on. --- Thanks to LOR help desk team :-)