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  1. Well here's an interesting development since I posted my last comment. Along the same lines as what appears to be a movement of sorts. Per the television newscast tonight anyway. which is linked to with this https://www.wsoctv.com/news/trending/coronavirus-people-string-up-christmas-lights-brighten-dark-times-covid-19-pandemic/OUVIRHKOGJCWDDPG5QBBOQQ474/ as example or google search tonights national newcast coronavirus christmas lights I just received a phone call from the owner of a local ice cream shop, She want to fill the parking lot with cars (probably in the hopes she'll sell some ice cream) and show a outdoor movie on a big blowup screen to help people get their minds off the coronavirus. She contact me as she wants help in setting up a fm transmitter to send the sound track out to the cars. I wouldn't give her my FM-30B to use since it's irreplaceable, but do have a spare FM transmitter. Dave.
  2. Hi JR, If I known you lived in Bham, I would have swung by to help you out. Just got home a couple of hours ago. We were on I-65 and just went through there yesterday morning on the way back here to Michigan...... : ) Of course had I really stopped by, I would have had to get an attorney for that before mentioned divorce. Dave
  3. This was just on the tonights 6:00 news. If I want a divorce I can do it! Actually the more I think about this the more cons I come up with. As the sun starts shining longer, its ultraaviolet rays would play havoc on everything. If we were lucky enough, the coronavirus would be history by the time I could get 1/2 dozen or so non-xmas songs sequenced up. Let alone another month to setup everything. Can't figure out how I would deal with the grass mowing. So I guess what I'm saying is, I love the idea, but it won't be happening at Lake Victoria Lights.
  4. I'll try to answer your questions with questions as I have the other two directors and not the mini. Since it works fince from the pc the problem has to be in the mini / sd card or possibly the network. Have you checked your network comm speed settings. If you don't have it available here's the link to the manual which is here http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/mDM-MP3_Man_Web.pdf which might help as there are some other things to consider. That's all I can offer.
  5. Oh, one more hobby. This is me grinding away on the 1225 Polar Express four years ago when it had to be rebuilt for it's 15 year ritual. It's a little (a lot) larger than my "O" gauge version. It's in Owosso, MI, a short hop from here. Spent a fair amount of time grinding away on the stay bolts of this beast. You could stand up inside the boiler and I still couldn't reach the top. It's really amazing what our forefathers were able to build in years past! My wife and I use to be car host up until a couple of years ago, during it's Christmas visits to the North Pole. This is the very same one used in the making of the movie "Polar Express" by Warner Brothers.
  6. And if you haven't tried the electric RTF's yet, they are much easier than gashing your fingers on the .049 (and larger) when they kick back!
  7. Hey DevMike. Do you still have the little frequency flags for your transmitter antenna so that fellow flyers didn't use your frequency!
  8. So many hobbies, so little time left! I use to have 2 tons of silver coins and war time nickels until the slot car track opened it's doors. When ever payday rolled around from my paper route, I would go to the bank and buy rolls of coins to sort. I would have been a millionaire when the price of silver went up. Here's a pic of my mean machine that won more often than not. I still have it. It has a stock GE motor in it. Of course gears had to be changed depending on what track we were racing on.
  9. Hi Jr. When you get a chance and if your still offering, I would like a copy also Please. Tx. Dave emailme@wowway.biz
  10. I'll never forget the older years and watching secretaries cry as a result of losing their computer documents. This is what I tell anyone who has data they cherish on a computer they own / use when called in order to try and resurect it. Do you have a car? Has the motor broke yet? You know it will after you've driven it long enough. Of course they always agree. So then I tell them. Your computer has a hard drive. It has a motor! If the motor breaks you lose all of your data files. It's not a matter of, IF the motor will break. It's a matter of WHEN will it break! You need to make copies of your data files! I never go anywhere without my terabyte of thumbdrive(s) / multiple hardrive(s). Not nextdoor to the neighbors, not to the restaurant, not to work, not to bed (actually their next to the bed, Not swimming (actually their in the car), not to church, etc, ). Of course, the CLOUD is suppose to be the magic answer in todays world . But your relying on a IT staff to make sure it's backed up and functioning. I'd rather trust myself to assure I never lose my documents, pics, music, movies, seqs, etc. So I can't stress enough like everyone else here is saying. COPY/BACKUP! PS. Neighbors house just down the street burnt down and they lost it all. Taking backups offsite can't be stressed enough. And do it often.
  11. The most important 11th Commandment! Thou shall ALWAYS use GFCI's or thou shall cause a loved one or neighbor to Perish!
  12. So let congress change it. Let the people who want to go trick or treating on Saturday go! More importantly let's let some John / Jane Doe organization named HCA Halloween and Costume Association dictate when we trick or treat. But I will be passing out candy only on the 31st. My light show will also run through the 31st. And why we're out destroying traditions and holidays Why don't we celebrate Christmas on the last Sunday in June! At least I won't freeze my butt off putting up the lights. Just curious but did California start this????
  13. Being a Michigander I thought, everyone doing Light Shows was from Snowy Michigan. What an eye opening observation...... : )
  14. continous piece or packages of? I have Enchanted Forest brand 2 Red, 2 Blue, 1 Green at 18' 4 red at 16' All new - never used - in original packages. $5. each - I paid $8.
  15. creativedisplays.com sent an email stating their 40% off sale prices are in effect. I've been real happy with their leds. Paul sold the business and is now under new ownership.
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