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  1. I am in North Austin...I have a little 16 channel show :-) Maybe Robert's show in Round Rock is bigger (and probably way better than mine)... I think my Halloween show is better than my Xmas show....Probably get the Xmas one running around the 1st week of December...
  2. rstephenrrtx wrote: Finally! Someone close enough I can go over and check out their house! YAY!
  3. Ok.....we are not done....zombies are in the yard...not all the lights are up..some are....NO sequences are completed...some are half done....our outlet went out so now we need to find a new working power outlet close to our front yard...decorations are not completed.... ........Wait a minute.......what was that you said......6.......6 more days til Halloween...no...you're lyin'.......can't be....
  4. Yes that was my problem I had to add that little ole checkmark..and wala....we had lights!
  5. OMG. See...I still can not beleive it was a check mark. Thanks so much.
  7. SDembski wrote: Oh...you are so awesome...I hope that was the problem....I am going to try that...there was not a checkmark next to it...I knew it was something simple that I did wrong... I went in circle like a dog chasing its tail for hours last night...clicking buttons, yelling at my husband who was standing outside in the dark staring at a dark house....."does it work?"...."nope?"..."ok"...click another button in the LOR sequencer...."does it work?"...."nope?"..."ok"....we did this FOREVER! I AM GOING TO TEST THIS LITTLE CHECK MARK RIGHT NOW. If this was my problem I am going to be so happy and yet and the same time I am going to cry. I knew the answer was going to be sooooooo simple. YOU ROCK!
  8. [align=center] Howdy Ya'll! We are almost complete with our Halloween decorations! Wish us luck...we are hoping to finish before it rains tomorrow. 11 days 'til Halloween! [/align]
  9. When I run the test in Hardware Utilities my lights work...it finds the LOR Device on Comm 4...I do the Select Unit to Configure and it finds 01 - CTB16D Ver 4.01 hit test and all the lights come on. They will twinkle, shimmer, and steady. Under Set Unit ID I have a drop down choice and have selected nothing...should I select 01 here? Because it says to do that for units without selectors and I think I tried that and it did not make a difference....I don't know if my unit has a selector or not..i think it does cuz it has worked in the past without me having this problem.... Now when I try to play a show or even play from the sequencer it does not play anything. I have my channels in the sequencer set to: Device Type: Light O Rama Network: Regular Unit 01 Circuit 1 Unit 01 Circuit 2 Unit 01 Circuit 3 thru Unit 01 Circuit 16 Is there some control or setting or command I am missing? I obviously have them hooked to the computer correctly or they would not light when tested.... 11 days til Halloween and I need my Halloween show to work so any help is sooooo appreciated!!
  10. Like Recommended by PaulXmas I got the Whole House Transmitter Gold Edition.....I have it on 107.5 and it sounds great in the driveway. You can hear it a ways down the street.....however...no one can see my lightshow way down the street anyways....so it does its job and I am happy. It was easy for my...no soldering..I just had to plug it into my computer and hit play! :-0 Found it onlin and got mine here whole house transmitter http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=57945&u=333983&m=10014&urllink=&afftrack=|Get the best FM Transmitter on the Market!|Text|||
  11. texasjanedoe wrote: Ok...I just bought it...looks easy enough to use! Hope it is strong enough for people to hear the music without so much static this year :-) THANKS SO MUCH!!! If my sound gets one city block I will be more than happy! The little fm thang I am using now can't barely make it to my driveway.... :-)
  12. PaulXmas wrote: Ok...I just bought it...looks easy enough to use! Hope it is strong enough for people to hear the music without so much static this year :-) THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  13. I have been using one of the little MP3 player FM broadcasters for a car...I modified the inside by adding a very loooooong wire antenna to it....This just is not strong enough for my show...You have to park in my driveway to get a static version you can barely hear... Now that being said I do not have alot of money to spend on a broadcaster. I have seen plenty of them for around $100...most are in Korea or China or somewhere and would barely make it here before Halloween.... Also I am a complete nerd when it comes to knowing anything about these things....I need a plug and play device... Any advice on one I can order online around $100 and get it soon for my Halloween show? Do I need an external antenna? I do not need to broadcast for a mile...just one my own street...... And if anyone has upgraded and wants to get rid of their older one...I need it! :-) Thanks for the help!! {{{{HUGS}}}} Sonya
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