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  1. Do you mind sending it my way to look at? theselightsruel@gmail.com Thanks much Lenny
  2. anyone have a TSO, Faith Noel Sequence ? Not much to look at and tried a search. Heavier channel count would be huge as I'm running just over 300. Thanks in advance. Lenny Ruel
  3. Not having much luck finding TSO's Faith Noel. Anyone here have one I can look at please? Running 368 channels and also have DMX. Not sure I'm adding it yet as I did Oh Come All Ye Faithful/Oh Holy Night last year.. Even for TSO it is slower but still got good comments. Thanks Lenny Ruel these lights ruel on Facebook theselightsruel@gmail.com
  4. Anyone working on any Moana? Thinking about doing "How Far I'll Go" Lenny
  5. Want to add a shorter song quick to this years program and like Spirit of the Season from Polar Express. Not much in the forums here for this, i think I found 1, but not many channels. Anyone have a little higher channel count of it they can send me as I am having trouble getting a handle on what I want to do with this one. I'm at over 300 channels with a dozen DMX V-Floods as well.....(can't figure out how to change my numbers on my tag below) I think it's just a burned out brain from sequencing what I have for this year. thanks in advance for any help gang !! e-mail is theselightsruel@gmail.com Lenny Ruel
  6. I'd be interested if anyone has done this as well, but I'm going to guess it's slim pickings, same as Luminaria was................Just not as hot a ticket as Believe In Holiday Magic............ Lenny
  7. Jim: I have been working on "Let It Go" myself and would love to compare with yours. I'm probably about 75% done. If you are still sending out copies of your sequence please send it my way. theselightsruel@gmail.com Thanks Much!! Lenny
  8. No noticeable difference, same size LED inside I believe. From 10 feet away you don't even see it. Main reason I use C6 icicles, and strings on my Mega tree as well though as they are farthest from the viewer the bigger point of light is much better and more noticeable. But that was my preference and everyone has their own. I use M5 and M6 on everything else............... Lenny
  9. We have a streetlight across the street from us and half a lot width up that threw a ton of light on my front lawn. I had researched mounting a laser on my chimney on a timer to come on when the show started and shut off when it was done. Two problems with that.......from about 100' away it would have to be a green one which would make it visible. Also most of the sensors on top of the street lights around here point to the sunset (west) which is away from my house, so the laser wouldn't have likely tripped it. My solution was to call the electrical utility and ask them about shuttering it as I had "light pollution" I didn't like. She said she didn't know if they could do that and would have to check. Not 30 seconds later she came back on and said not a problem, we have done this before and we'll get a crew out in the next couple nights to verify this. That next night a boom truck shows up, sits there for a couple minutes, and gets in the bucket and goes up. He put a set of louvers or shades inside the lense that kill any horizontal spread of light. Everything is directed down on the street underneath it. None of my neighbors has had any issue with it and this was done 4 years ago when I decided to do an extreme display............ Lenny
  10. New Laptop last summer.... Aspire laptop #5250-BZ853 with 2 GB DDR3 memory 320 GB HDD dual core.
  11. Should I have a little bit of delay between my editor and Visualizer screen? I'm spot on in the editor but when we watch it on the Vis screen it seems a pinch late. I also see it can't quite always keep up with the speed of some of the elements, you don't get all of the subtleties... Thanks..... Lenny
  12. A couple of snafus I'm getting while I'm sequencing I hope some of you have some ideas on. When I click and drag with my mouse it always doesn't hold the duration of the drag. Sometimes it drops it almost immediately, some times half way through, and others it stutters (drops the drag, reaquires it and then might drop it yet again.) Bad mouse or something with the program? Next an issue with selecting play range "from selection"....Sequencing Christmas Canon Rock and My Favorite time of Year. On Canon Rock, I'm just using .05 or 20 cells per second set timing and it works fine. On the Favorite time of Year I used Beat Wizard and then subdivided each timing into 6 segments and when I use the play range "from selection" on this it runs from where I click but it's the beginning of the track instead of from that point in the song. Using LOR 3.4 and I'm on an Aspire laptop #5250-BZ853 with 2 GB DDR3 memory 320 GB HDD dual core.. Thanks for any help gang !! Lenny
  13. What size? Val at Christmas LED's has C6's on sale thru Monday. I just bought a case each of Red, Green, and Warm White. Lenny
  14. Jim: That is just nuts!!! Totally AWESOME !! Lenny
  15. I've just completed my 4th POTC sequence for my Christmas show. Of couse this one is Off the new track from On Stranger Tides and is the track from the closing credits. Lots of variety and am looking forward to seeing it in lights....For one of my other ones check out our page on Facebook These Lights Ruel. There is a Video there of my favorite, with a few others from last years show. Lenny
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