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  1. I hae 22,000 C6 lights (11,000 red, 11,000 clear) from Paul as a small part of one of my commercial projects - I can validate that they dim without any issues running on CTB-16D boards with the latest firmware. Several of us on TCL tested a variety of LED sets (including offerings and prototype sets from Action that I was sent for testing) - many of Action's LED are not dimmable (our testing is one of the reasons many of the Action labeled the bulbs as non-dimmable). Jeff
  2. Hi David, I am using the DMX equipment to control multiple Snowmasters T-1500 snow machines for one of my commercial projects (http://www.snowmasters.com/downloads/T-1500%20Specs%20Flyer4.pdf) Regarding a delay - there is a delay but it is due to the spin-up time of the main blower as well as the priming of the pump. However, the command is received instantaneously. I have used the HW utility and sequence editor - no issues. Jeff
  3. I received my DMX units from LOR - delivered on Saturday. Two words: Very impressed. These units were worth the wait. Jeff
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