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  1. Very cool... All sorts of thoughts race thru the mind after watching the video. Will be watching your progress with great antici.... ...pation! (sorry... had a RHPS flashback all of a sudden...) Gads, that's almost a bad pun in itself! -jim
  2. thebaronn wrote: WATCH OUT!!! its the doctor!!! So can trouble be far behind? Is that the implication?? :cool: 'Course... he could be correct.
  3. ...and for my second attempt I'll offer... Spectra-Rama -jim
  4. Hmmm.... cool... (great, another wank in the budget planning!) Ok, attempt #1 - Spectra-Arc ...and now I'll go off and try to contemplate another possible name, and figure out how I might use one (or more) of these critters... (mumble, snarkle... yet another layout re-design) -jim
  5. Sounds interesting... I like it! (all sorts of ideas spinning) Will be watching as you proceed. Any idea how many of these you will be able to drive from the DC board? -jim
  6. Ah, yes... We share that others may avoid repeating our doofuses! No shorts, I had stared at that until I was well past cross-eyed! :shock: Only to find smoething much more nefarious! ...and more painfully obvious... Resistor network R2 was in backwards... Little minor surgery, and it is feeling much better now! :smile: Thanks! and now, back to our frantic sequencing! -jim
  7. So... just finished assembling my #6 controller. (blue board - deluxe kit) Went thru the usual pre-start checks, board looks good, no obvious assembly fubars... So, put power to it! (was 5 for 5 so far) LED starts flashing, but... Almost immediately, and in an odd stuttering two beat sequence. Don't think I've seen this one before. :shock: Drop power, and look over everything again. Hmmm... Unit ID switches set to 00. I seem to remember something about that, oh yeah... Board reset. Should be harmless enough. Set the Unit ID switches to 06, and power back up... Hmmm... No LED... 10 seconds... 30 seconds... They don't usually take this long to wake up... Switch the Unit back to 00, there is the two beat pattern again... Anything else, no LED. This sound familiar to anyone? -jim
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