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  1. I've used the Ramsey for about 5 seasons now, and each season I'm fighting harder and harder to get a clear clean sound out to the street. We live on a very busy road, and a large city (Tampa Bay FL), so finding an empty FM channel is hard enough, but finding a good spot that I can send the music out loud and clear is near to impossible. Do you suppose it would be best to make a new FM Pole or try the CZH model transmitter recommended? Just trying to minimize my wheels spinning.
  2. excellent! Will incorporate this idea this year!
  3. Resolved: What a frustrating 2 weeks to get this show going ...and lots of cash blown too. Ok so, it was a combination of things that resolved this problem. Windows 7 will not work with version1.5.0, so 2.6.2 was downloaded. This initiallys disappointed me since the shows would not run, as the original symptoms were just the same. But one cool feature stands out in this version and it's ability to watch the status of each sequence starting and stopping. And it was scrolling like crazy. So i looked at the paths the sequences were trying to take. This new PC has several partitions, including directories for Windows. I have "Program Files" and "Program Files X86". It appears Windows directed Light O Rama to install to X86 directory and all my sequences thought they were coming from regular "Program Files" directory. So no good road to take. Once i reset all the shows to go to the "X86" directory, viola, it works. Holy cow pass the rum! Thanks for all the tips and tricks!! The palm trees are lighted and I can FINALLY quit stressing and pass out candy canes to the kids !
  4. I'm old school honey, version 1.5.0, LOR 1. I haven't seen postings to say it will or won't work with Windows 7. But it's safe to say if it doesn't I might as well take down the lights. Any other suggestions before it gets drastic?
  5. I must say, I am using my saved shows from years 2006 and 2008. They look ok in the musical sequence section, they play singularly fine on the sequence editor. So i know the previous shows were good working shows. Since the light stays solid red on the controllers when the show is enabled, i want to believe it is trying to transmit. However, nothing plays on the radio, and no lights go flashing. Now my own bulb is burned out too I'm using only LOR purchased sequences, so those were always good. (look fabulous too by the way). Only change is a new computer, with windows 7 64 bit. Anyone using those specs?
  6. license key? Never had one from LOR, but sure have paid the dues to them. As for the "verifier"? Never heard of that, is it part of the scheduler, hardware, ??
  7. I'm assuming you started working since you haven't posted again since sacrifing a critter I'm having a similar problems that is giving me grey hair and hope someone can help on. It's my 4th year, and I have yet to get this going without loosing my mind first. This year - had to get a new computer, so obviously, had to install fresh the LOR software. After much trouble getting Windows 7 to cooperate with the USB assignment, i can finally test my controllers just fine. Lights up all nice and pretty. Then I go to run a show that I ran last year. Yes all sequences and music have been loaded to the show editor. I enable shows, the controller light goes solid and nothing happens. No music no lights. So 3 days, new pc, new grey hairs, lots of prozac later.....i'm pleading to the knowledge Gods for help and illumination in my head to illuminate my yard Cindy
  8. We are in Palm Harbor Florida, in the Tampa Bay area. Our third year and growing
  9. And you are even a Florida guy! We're in Palm Harbor. I didn't check the cable and kind of took it off the list when it would work in the hardware utility tests. Is there something else you have to do to the shows? My logic was that the shows are 16 or 32, and now i'm 48. Or does it just "roll over" to the next controllers after the first set of 32?
  10. Would you mind giving me a hand on adding a new 16 controller to my exisitng 32? It doesn't seem to want to join in the party when the show starts, yet it tests fine. Do you have to do something special to any editors? Or should it just see the third unit and start like the others? Thanks in advance. Cindy
  11. Hello, I'm in the Palm Harbor area and have used this system for 3 years now. I can't claim to be a pro yet, but love trying this.
  12. The new controller tests fine in hardware utility, but does not come on during the light show. What am I missing? For the past 2 years I've run with 2 controllers (for a 32 channel show). Now that I've added this third controller, it doesn't want to come to life during the party. Any suggestions?
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