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  1. I would say yes, since S2 worked with the S1 controllers. We may have to upgrade our firmware on the cards though.
  2. Try resetting the controller
  3. Get out before the real illness sets in! lol Seriously, Keep it simple, enjoy the ride and your gonna love this hobby.
  4. "Is there away to transmit using just 1 controller (cmb16d)?" In response to my original question...YES you can. I recieved my Ell's yesterday in the mail (that was fast) and they worked fine using just one controller to power the transmitter. It may be because my 12v leds draw so little power, but it does work fine.
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable_tie
  6. Are your 2 controllers connected together with a cat5 cable? If yes, you will only need the pair (2). If no, you will need 3 ells.
  7. Thanks for all the help guys, it sounds like if your not drawing alot of power off of channels 1-8 that it may work fine just using one controller.
  8. Thanks Don, I know John Bullard, the guys a genious in my opinion. Hopefully he will chime in...
  9. I read in the ell manual the you need 2 controllers for the transmitting ell and only 1 contoller for the recieving ones. My problem is I only have 1 avaiable controller for the transmiting ell. I'm guessing the reason you need 2 controllers for the transmitter is because more power is needed to transmit than recieve? [align=left]"2. Any two LOR controllers can power the RFV4 as a transmitter." (quote from manual)[/align] [align=left]Is there away to transmit using just 1 controller (cmb16d)?[/align] [align=left]Thanks,[/align] [align=left]Vic[/align] [align=left] [/align]
  10. Thanks Will... I did find in one of my songs that the bit rate was not at 128. Working on converting it now.
  11. I have 1 ccr connected to an mdm-mp3. Just purchased them and doing some testing/playing around. When I connect the ccr to my pc and run my 5 sequences everything preforms as should, but when I use the mdm-mp3 I get very random flashing of the pixels. It looks like it's trying to work right and at times it does catch up. I tried using the faster speed setting on the mdm with no improvement. Am I doing something wrong or is the mdm-mp3 unable to drive a ccr? Oh yes, I have an alternitive simple little sequence with only 16 channels (using the same song) and the mdm preforms perfectly.
  12. I like this idea too. A complete set of spare components. I can solder a spare part on a board alot faster than a replacement could be mailed out to me. This year I just bought an assembled spare board for a spare. It put me over my budget, but it was worth the peace of mind.
  13. you need snubbers, a night light plugged in to end of the led strings will fix this. some folks use glade plugins to.
  14. You have come to the right forum for your answers. Our blinky lights are driven by computer software that you can purchase here. Light o Rama software is to me the most user friendly software out there. Yes there is a learning curve, but it's doable even for a dummy like me. The software drives circuit boards (controllers), also available here. Your lights are connected to the controllers. Hope this helps you get started. theres tons of info here for you to get started. It's very addicting, so welcome to the madness my friend. Vic
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