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  1. Old Sarge, if you're still sharing could I get a copy? Many thanks kind sir! nathan.newby@gmail.com
  2. if you're still sharing could I get a copy? many thanks! nathan.newby@gmail.com
  3. Howdy! could I get a copy? nathan.newby@gmail.com
  4. *palm face* that worked.. Tim, you are my hero.
  5. That's the only way I haven't tried (the any ID part).. Must do that in the morning... I can't believe I forgot about that way to reassign as I had to do it that way last year as well, and I believe you told me the same thing.. Thank you Tim! -nnewby
  6. i tried that multiple times and nothing guess i shall have to call
  7. mine is all the bushes, icicles, snowflakes on the front of the house ;-
  8. I put a jumper on one of the units, nothing happened. so i repeated as described above with manually typing in the unit ID and trying to turn the lights on and nothing still. I also tried resetting the unit ID and then the lights on and got the same result.
  9. there isn't one on either, i'll have to go dig up one of the boxes to find a jumper.
  10. They were purchased last year. and where would i find which chip they have? edit: the boards say CTB08 V4 if that helps (they look exactly like the picture of the CTB08 in the webstore.)
  11. LightORamaDan wrote: yes, that is correct. I just tried that after the units being powered down for about an hour, and the LEDs are on solid after i turned on the Hardware utility (blinking before). I typed in the Unit IDs (01, 03; each at different times) and clicked the "lights on" command and nothing from either box
  12. Ok, I'm not sure what's going on. I have 2 CTB08s that power on just fine, they see the network, but the network can't see them. They both worked between 6-730 am this morning, then my father left a note wondering why 1 of the channels was on and none others were on, so I searched the network and it can't find those two boxes. I've tried to reset the unit IDs thinking that may be the problem, but even when using the "Ignore Error" on the Set Unit ID box, then searching for them, they can't be found. I've unplugged the boxes, waited and plugged them back in and still nothing fuses are fine as well...
  13. As long as they are full ON, LOR can control them without any problems.
  14. nnewby

    Did it again!

    hey duke, do you know the mouser part numbers for the connectors and associated pins? i looked for an hour one day and had some in my cart, but cleared my cookies and lost them, so i figured that other people and myself would benefit from knowing what they are Thanks!
  15. nnewby

    leaping arches

    Jeff Millard wrote: jeff, that's what i was thinking for my arches in my post about molex connectors.. those are the .084" ones?
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