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  1. ok thanks a bunch. im just gonna save up for the FM transmitter next year, and deal with it this year.
  2. thanks guys, after reading a few other forums i have downloaded the audacity program and changed the files to waves. (i was using mp3's) everything is working ALOT smoother now. Question though, im trying to run some outdoor speakers thru the computer and i cant seem to figure it out, when i do get them set up the volume is not very loud so ive been using the aux thru my sterio which is running thru the computer. Any suggestions??
  3. when im trying to work on my sequences screen by screen im running into a problem... the music and timings are off when its play by visible screen. when i play by full sequence everything matches up. ive also tried different songs and its having the same problem. im currently using LOR 2.0.16. anyone have any suggestions?
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