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  1. Certainly I'll be ordering an Entec Pro or equivalent next year, but my budget this year, and unexpected expenses on my build force me to use the LOR USB I ordered in March for testing. with multiple channels set, it was suffering from the +1 issue. What I've done is created an export file for the layout, then when I sequence with visualizer, on my design station, I use the correct one. Once I copy them to my show station, I load each sequence with the other layout, which has the channels programmed for each RGB channel increased by one (RGB channel 1 is 2,3,4; channel 2 is 5,6,7 etc.) This fixed it. Quick short fix for this year, and lessons well learned. But in the end, everyone sees really cool lights.
  2. flogger7 wrote: No, it runs through the default fine. the USB port also works fine on the XP in my garage, that typically runs the show. It just shows the erratic flashing on my Windows 7 machine I have in the house. yes, the Entec is what I've been looking at, but will look up the dmx fusion pro. Thanx for the tip.
  3. yes, power supply is 45W, and I'm only supplying a couple of 5050 nodes. Just bought the USB485, so I'm assuming it's new. Someone suggested it could be that I don't have the dataline terminated. I'll need to check that. Still doesn't explain why the slower computer doesn't have trouble with them. Odd.
  4. So, I've set up my lab in the garage, tested the USB485 in rawDMX mode with a $6 3 channel dmx decoder, and had great results. I had installed the current usb drivers, and also installed the latest of s3. Came inside, brought in my prototype, same setup, and the rgb modules have intermittent flashes as they fade. Now, for the show, it's working properly on the correct computer. But, short of buying the an EntecPro, which i did have a budget for, can anyone explain, or help me troubleshoot possible issues?
  5. bretk wrote: OK, 300 channels, that leaves 212 for this universe network(correct term) Could I set up more like this: DMX DECODER OUT-->dmx5 to cat5->cat 5 cable->power injection non-data wires->cheap 3 channel dmx OR 128 channel controller Trying to determine is I'd need an additional enttec Pro for other rgb projects.
  6. It shouldn't be too hard to build a simple application that would take a midi file and map it to channels in an lms file. Is there a big demand for this?
  7. Dave H1 wrote: Yes that would work. They are $39 ea w. shipping This one is $22 w/ shipping http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/701799/209915969-307297559/DMX-512-Module-decoder-DC5V-input-P-N-LN-DMXMODEL-3CH-5V.html So I've seen two decoders mentioned from AliExpress, but these seemed even cheaper, and are 12V. Would these work as well, or am I missing something? http://www.aliexpress.com/product-gs/487425085-Promotion-DMX-512-Module-decoder-DC12V-input-P-N-LN-DMXMODEL-3CH-12V-wholesalers.html
  8. NINtender

    DMX Newbie

    Disco, I'm just a week ahead of you with the research. THere are a number of links in this forum that have a lot of info. I found this one on the Holiday corosite. It's the first one I went through. Dave has created some great videos on the basics of RGB. https://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?ID=15 Here's a a thread that has a video that proved INVALUABLE as to how to use S3 to setup both LOR and DMX http://forums.lightorama.com/view_topic.php?id=31417&forum_id=75&jump_to=297295#p297295
  9. bretk wrote: ...And that was the most brilliant ascii diagram of your wiring!
  10. KenL_MCSE wrote: Yeah, the trees sound convenient, and using led blocks diffused by coro will definitely be cheaper than rgb dumb strands, though I'd like to do that for a megatree. but with all the changes I plan this year, I think I may have busted my budget on everything else! Good to hear your RGB experience with S3 is going well. Love the support here, both from LOR and the community.
  11. Thanks bdeditch! Your info and the info I found in this link: http://forums.lightorama.com/forum75/31417-2.html has got be well on my way!
  12. Awesome Post! Just what I was looking for. (took me all day to find it though!)
  13. I have to lor controllers, still running s2, and am looking to creat rgb mini trees. I like the stuff I've seen at holidaycoro, and want to use his test kit to experiment... without touching the lor network, what do I need? I see that I can used another usb converter, and a custom wired dongle. I'm trying to keep a budget. Also, will s3 advance make coding rgb easier? i've explored so many forums, but always gravitate back to lor for help! my modest goal for 2012 is 16 rgb mini trees, and 20 corostars.
  14. De Trommelslager wrote: I can see it now... The lights and music are going on the house as Malcolm and Angus pull into the shot, then back into the driveway. The difference this time; they are on power chairs! Sorry, couldn't help myself! LOL!!! You forgot to mention the oxygen tanks.
  15. So, last year, on a whim, I created this sequence, just to see my trees utilize the VU meter option in the S2. I Posted it out their to share at work. Someone found it: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/acdc-5-great-christmas-lights-displays/ My wife wanted to know if that means AC/DC is going to come visit our house, like our fellow friend in Riverside with LMFAO. lol! I guess this means more money for lights in the budget next year!
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