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  1. Does anyone know what kind of LED (or any) Flood light that is very birght. I have looked all over the place and there is so many to pick from, and I just do not know what to buy. I want the same model in 4 different colors (R,G,B,W) but not all in one unit. Also i have heard that some LED Floods cant dim or dont react very fast. If anyone could recomend a very bright flood light that would be helpfull. Thanks
  2. i think im gunna make DuckTape Labels and Plug/Un-Plug The Controller When I use it, and if i dont do that theres the magical wonders of the house hold trash bags and Duck Tape... But i dont know how well that well work?
  3. I have never set up a show outside before FTI... I was going to set a show up in my back yard just for fun. But im not sure where to put the controller, the spot i can without buying more Extention Cords is in Direct Sun Light For All/most of the day... Well that be a problem? Also i was was gunna lay it down on its back ontop of 2 peices of fire wood. Thanks, Max
  4. we are waiting... lolz take your time XD, is there a way to make the flame taller?
  5. i have a LOR controller, not the cbm16... I was wonerding if 3 regular haloigen floods would work, 1 red, 1 ble, 1 green... like a cheap version of a wallwash.
  6. no i mean like, 1 red flood light, 1 green flood light, and 1 blue flood light?
  7. (i can get a job, i live in a tourist town, York Beach... i hate it) But ya also 3 RGB floods, would this work also?
  8. no I mean I looked at the cmb6DC controller and I dont have the money (yet; im only 14)... also would 3 flood lights work, 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue?
  9. yes, but i dont have the money for one, so is there and other way?
  10. there only $24 every 20 inches http://www.elementalled.com/ElementalLED-Store/LED-Light-Bars/20+-RGB-LED-Fixture-140/product.html is there a way not to use the CMB 16 D DC controller?
  11. ya i have looked into them, exepet i was gunna use like a 3in LCD and a verry bright light, with my old camera lens
  12. http://www.elementalled.com/pdf/EL-IMGRGBBAR12V.pdf I'm sorta new to lights and stuff, i was wondering is this could be used/controlled with LOR? Because i have been looking for somthing like this but inexpensive.
  13. Can you use like a tv er a projector.. like sync lights to the video? just wondering because i get to make a light show for Boheiman Rhapsody (i think thats spelled wrong) for school (im only in 8th grade) and i only have Colored Flood lights,and a bunch of christmas lights. So i want to project like a image type thing to the back of the stage, soooo is there a way i can... Thanks, Max
  14. wait? so just a regular strobe light well work. i have this one >>>> http://www.eliminatorlightingdirect.com/Macho_Strobe_750_watts_1_20_flashes_per_second_p/macho%20strobe.htm
  15. it helps but i dont know that much about pumps and all the stuff. sooooo ya
  16. Can you use water fountains with LOR? Or is there any type of thing that uses fire that you dont need a pyro lisence for (i really dont care about the fire one) But is there any type of water jet fountain (or any) that i can use with LOR? because i dont wanna go buy somthing if it wont work
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