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  1. Does anyone know what kind of LED (or any) Flood light that is very birght. I have looked all over the place and there is so many to pick from, and I just do not know what to buy. I want the same model in 4 different colors (R,G,B,W) but not all in one unit. Also i have heard that some LED Floods cant dim or dont react very fast. If anyone could recomend a very bright flood light that would be helpfull. Thanks
  2. i think im gunna make DuckTape Labels and Plug/Un-Plug The Controller When I use it, and if i dont do that theres the magical wonders of the house hold trash bags and Duck Tape... But i dont know how well that well work?
  3. I have never set up a show outside before FTI... I was going to set a show up in my back yard just for fun. But im not sure where to put the controller, the spot i can without buying more Extention Cords is in Direct Sun Light For All/most of the day... Well that be a problem? Also i was was gunna lay it down on its back ontop of 2 peices of fire wood. Thanks, Max
  4. we are waiting... lolz take your time XD, is there a way to make the flame taller?
  5. i have a LOR controller, not the cbm16... I was wonerding if 3 regular haloigen floods would work, 1 red, 1 ble, 1 green... like a cheap version of a wallwash.
  6. no i mean like, 1 red flood light, 1 green flood light, and 1 blue flood light?
  7. (i can get a job, i live in a tourist town, York Beach... i hate it) But ya also 3 RGB floods, would this work also?
  8. no I mean I looked at the cmb6DC controller and I dont have the money (yet; im only 14)... also would 3 flood lights work, 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue?
  9. yes, but i dont have the money for one, so is there and other way?
  10. there only $24 every 20 inches http://www.elementalled.com/ElementalLED-Store/LED-Light-Bars/20+-RGB-LED-Fixture-140/product.html is there a way not to use the CMB 16 D DC controller?
  11. ya i have looked into them, exepet i was gunna use like a 3in LCD and a verry bright light, with my old camera lens
  12. http://www.elementalled.com/pdf/EL-IMGRGBBAR12V.pdf I'm sorta new to lights and stuff, i was wondering is this could be used/controlled with LOR? Because i have been looking for somthing like this but inexpensive.
  13. Can you use like a tv er a projector.. like sync lights to the video? just wondering because i get to make a light show for Boheiman Rhapsody (i think thats spelled wrong) for school (im only in 8th grade) and i only have Colored Flood lights,and a bunch of christmas lights. So i want to project like a image type thing to the back of the stage, soooo is there a way i can... Thanks, Max
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