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  1. Thanks mpageler, I will search the forums for more info. The autofocus off makes sense. Camera was always refocusing before I would leave a light on the house on all the time for it to focus on. Thanks again!! Mega Arch, Thanks also for the advice!
  2. Every year I use my same HD video camera to record my display and every year the videos look good in the camera, but when I transfer them to the computer, they are fuzzy and an the quality is gone. Does anyone have a suggestion(s) on what my settings on my video camera should be in order to record a high quality video of my Christmas light display? My lights dance to music, so I keep a few lights on all the time during recording so that the lens stays in focus. Thanks, Dave www.weberslights.com
  3. web15

    Cant test CCBs in HWU Test Console

    Nevermind, upgraded software and works now
  4. I have read through some past forums about the Test Console in the HWU and how to test ALL the leds on the CCB string, but everything I have tried, I can only see first 5 bulbs lit and cant get the Channel Group Slider to be active and see more than 16 channels. When I turn on Extended Circuit Ids, I am able to move the slider and see rest of channels, but light do nothing when I change their intensity. Thanks!