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  1. All controllers are now sold. Thank you everyone! I will miss doing the lights but hope to maybe start up again one day. I will also be listing the hundreds of NIB Lights soon. I just want to ship all these controllers first.
  2. Christopher2113 wrote: Come on Christopher I can meet you in Beebe and will sell you 2 for $350 since I don't have to ship them. (:
  3. 4 controllers have been spoken for. I still have 4 left. If interested I will sell for $375 for 2. These boards were soldered by LOR and are in LOR enclosures. All I had to do was install the cords provided by LOR. Jason
  4. Will split it up in sets of 2. I just don't want to have to ship to 8 people.
  5. 30 AMP, 2 power cords. Getting divorced and have to unload these. Were used for 2 seasons work great. Would like to sell all together if possible. $200 each Please feel free to call me 501-259-3884 I live in Arkansas so if local we can meet up. If not I will ship with tracking through UPS. Attached files
  6. Best price I have seen is at Skycraft. SPT2 for http://skycraftsurplus.com/18awglampcordbrownspt-2.aspx Quantity Discounts Quantity Amount 100 to 499 $0.10 500 to 987 $0.09 988 to 4999 $0.08 5000 or more $0.07 I ordered 5000 for 70 bucks a roll of 1000. Good quality also.
  7. Installed 8Pin and 28pin right to board I'm a Idot and the solder sucker will not take enough solder out to remove the chip. So I can not install the 8 and 28 pin Socket to install the chips. All chips are making a good connection will it be ok??
  8. I am in Iraq right now and the gov computer I'm on will not let me download the controller calculator. Can some one please email me the .xls file so I can get it that way. For some reason the Gov computer blocks his website. Thanks for the Help! Stillnguam@gmail.com http://www.quartzhillchristmas.com/resources/Light+Controller+Calculator+MASTER+25+vC2.2.xls
  9. I know I know use a tripod next time lol. Enjoy
  10. Awww there sold out. What a great price for the range!
  11. I know who the winners are just the LOR site has said Coming soon! Forever lol. Just would like to watch the videos. O and I love the Fire works you got.
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