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  1. chandalenCould you send it to me, too? Thanks! ray61032@comcast.net
  2. So basically, you are only using one monitor then? That would make this so much easier for people that don't have dual monitor cards already. Way cool!!
  3. Hey Brad! I was having a similar problem to yours. With the video showing in a small box in the corner occasionally. My setup is a bit different from yours. My projector is close enough that I don't use any VGA converters. Just a straight 25' video cable. However, I did have as VGA A/B switch installed between my computer and the projector, so that I could switch to a 2nd monitor next to the computer for programming. I found that whenever the projector had the 'box' problem, I would flip the A/B switch to see what it was doing inside. And to my amazement, the problem would immediately go away. So... I went to my local Radio Shack, and got a true powered VGA splitter (their item # 26-1264) and installed it in place of the A/B switch. Now the projector and the monitor are always running together, and I have not had the 'box' problem since. (Well, at least not that I know of. I don't watch the show 24/7. But I haven't caught it yet!) Can't really explain why this would make a difference. Perhaps the video card in the PC being unable to tell exactly what kind of PNP device is connected? But it seems that having the local monitor always connected seems to be having some positive effect.
  4. Hey all! I would really like to add video to my display this year, using a projector connected to the LOR computer. I have seen others that do this successfully. But most of these have the projector indoors, or are in areas where it doesn't get too cold. Unfortunately, I would like to have my projector outside (no good access to my screen location from an inside window). And I do get actual winter here, with snow, sleet, and cold. So does anyone have any experience in placing their projector in some kind of weatherproof enclosure? I can see many issues with doing this. Ideally, the enclosure should be heated, to prevent damage to the projector when it is off. And also to prevent the lens from frosting up. But it also has to allow heat to escape when the projector is on. Any ideas, or links to suitable products would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the tip.... After trying it, I found something interesting. I went back to the top level and entered RGB for a search, but still got nothing. But I entered 'Bethlehem" (as in the star), and got results. Maybe just 'rgb' is too short, or returns too many results, or...?? In any case, it doesn't give any error. Just 'nothing found'.
  6. I think I tried that once and it still didn't work. But to be sure, could you explain again how? Thanks!
  7. I came to the forums looking for help with my new RGB lights. But if I simply enter 'rgb' in the search box, I find no results. I have a hard time believing the search it working properly, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  8. OK, I see there is a new 3.8.0 available now, since I just installed the 3.7.0 about a month ago. But can anyone tell me where the release notes for the software upgrades are published?? After the problems I had with computer crashes last year due to a new software version, I am reluctant to do any upgrades this close to show time. But it would be very helpful to know what is included in new versions, since they could also be correcting critical problems (as well as creating them). So... can anyone point me to any place on the web site where release note information is published? Thanks!
  9. I should also mention.... I also tried creating the new compressed files on a separate machine that I use for editing the sequences, and then transferring them to the 'show machine'. That didn't work either. Still had errors in the show. The 'show machine' is running XP Home. But the machine I use for editing is running Win-7 64-bit. Creating the files on one and transferring them to the other has never been a problem before. BUT just to be sure, I did try creating the new LCS files on the show machine directly also, and it didn't help. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for the suggestion (to both of you). However, I already tried that. I saw this idea on another thread with someone having similar problems, and tried it before throwing the towel earlier. In fact, I tried this two ways... First, I tried just deleting the LCS files, and then letting the show rebuild them as they were used. That didn't help. Then I tried deleting them, and creating them myself using the sequencer editor. This did not work either. However I will say that the errors were different after using this method than they were the other way. But there were still severe errors. But again, thanks for the suggestion! I'll keep watching here for other things you might want me to try.
  11. OK, since I have disabled the compressed sequences, my show has made it through 2 full cycles without any errors. I have NO problems leaving the darn thing turned off, if that is what it takes. But is there anything I can/should do to try and troubleshoot the compression problem further?? (Basically, anything I can do to help LOR fix a bug, if it exists?) Thanks VERY much for the suggestion! I really dreaded backing off to S2 at this point in the season.
  12. OK, I just did a quick change to disable the compressed sequences, and will see what happens.
  13. Ever since upgrading to S3, I have had nothing but trouble with a system that was stable previously. First it was the constant computer lockups. But it appears that was fixed with 3.1.4. But now there are all kinds of strange things that happen during my shows. Channels that light when they shouldn't, and vice-versa. Sometimes all the lights will go dark for short periods. Just a whole bunch of random stuff. I have checked the sequences, and they look fine. And they also run fine from the editor, but the same sequences will still mess up during shows. Basically, I have had enough for now, and am just going to go back to S2. But before I do, has anyone done this already?? Now that the sequences have been saved as S3 sequences, what problems am I going to find by reverting to S2?? Thanks for any info!
  14. I also had hum problems with my Ramsey. Put up with it for the first year. But during the summer, I found a fix. I took a piece of insulated wire (any size will do). I stripped off a few inches from one end, and wrapped it around the antenna connector on the rear until it was nice and tight. (I have a coax cable attached to the connector, but was still able to wrap it around the exposed threads.) Then I took the other end and attached it to the screw that hold the plate onto my power outlet on the wall. Basically, I connected the ground side of the antenna to a known good electrical ground. This totally eliminated my hum, and has worked great ever since.
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