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  1. DMX Universe - Partial Lit Channels

    Awesome Idea Ebuechner! I will try that tonight too. Thanks!
  2. DMX Universe - Partial Lit Channels

    Did not try that.... Will try tonight. Thanks!
  3. DMX Universe - Partial Lit Channels

    The one that is having issues is the closest to the controller. Its attached with a 9 foot extension. Yes. I have tested with the controller in test mode. Some times it works.. some times it doesn't. I originally thought it was the LED strand. But I replaced it and the new strand did the same thing (After a day or two)
  4. DMX Universe - Partial Lit Channels

    I am using a SanDevice E682.
  5. DMX Universe - Partial Lit Channels

    This is my first year with DMX and LOR. (7th Year with LOR) I am having issues with one of my universes and I could use some ideas. I have a total of 5 universes outlining the roof of my house. Universe 1-3 Row 1 Universe 5-6 Row 2 Each universe is attached to an RGB Strip (ws2811) (at times) My Universe 2 - I only have the first 5 channels lit. The rest of the lights are off. Or ALL the channels are stuck on a color instead of running through the display. I have swapped out the lights. (The new lights worked for a day or two) I swapped out the connector and the extension cable. I even plugged Universe 2 into my Universe 1 port. (Did the same thing) I have order more lights from Ray's (But it might be a while before I get my new lights) Is there anything I might be missing? Thanks, Brian
  6. 2 E1.31 Devices in LOR

    Thanks for your help Jim! It turns out that it was a stupid mistake on my part. I needed to add the Universe number to the Controller Webpage.
  7. 2 E1.31 Devices in LOR

    I have 1 universe set to the E682. (Only tested 1 strip) I only see 1 image JIm. But it does help. I'll test some more this evening! Thanks!
  8. 2 E1.31 Devices in LOR

    I need help with setting up a E6804 Controller with LOR. I am fairly new with DMX. I have Universe 1 connected to a E682 Controller. I tested that and its working as expected. ( I only tested 1 strip) I am now attempting to setup Universe 2 with a E6804 controller. I am able to test it using the browser. I have it set as UniCast with the correct IP. The Network Configuration looks correct. I created my Device to use DMX; Universe 2. 512 channels. When I tested LOR, the strip did not turn on. Any ideas what I might be missing setting up a second Universe with a second controller?
  9. Frozen- Let it go sequence

    Good Evening, My daughter and I would love a copy. Thank you! bprees1@gmail.com
  10. Setting up S3 (Channels / Address) with E1.31

    Awesome! Thank you! ps. Its only quick and easy once you know how to do it. ;-) Thanks again!
  11. Setting up S3 (Channels / Address) with E1.31

    Sorry for the vague post. I have done a lot of research and I an able to get the RGB lights to work with LOR. I was wondering if there was an easier way to setup the channels in LOR instead of adding 60 RGB channels and manually configure each channel with dmx and the starting channel. Thanks.
  12. I have been playing and researching a lot with E1.31. I finally was able to gt the controller configured, and was able to get xLights to run the lights. So, my question(s) are: * What is the easiest way to configure / Add a E1.31 Controller to the Sequence Editor. Do I Insert a Device? Channels? RGB Channels? If I would create the Device/Channels; is there an easy way to copy xLights to the newly created Device / Channels? Thank you! Brian
  13. Hello, This is my first year using the lights o Rama. So far, everything is looking good. I have the CTB-16D being controlled with the Director Card (DC-MP3 ) My final obstacle is to turn on / off my 'automatic' pole light. I considered purchasing a x10 wall switch and having LOR turn it off before the show and then back on after the show. (My township gets a bit upset when those poles are off) Can the Director card control the x10 wall switch? My computer would not be controlling the X10 device. Would that cause an issue? What would I need besides the Wall switch? Thanks, Brian