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  1. I have a used ctb 08 version 3 for sale. Has heat sink, cords and enclosure. Does not do dmx. Needs to go. Make offer or will trade for fm transmitter
  2. G3 is generation 3 controller , the latest and greatest. I solve mine by getting an acti dongle
  3. I have 2 ctb16 pc that keep losing their signal during playback, they are configured for raw dmx, as I have other dmx stuff in the yard. I am using the high speed usb485
  4. joshua

    Dmx help

    I got it to work, made my cross over cable, I am running in dmx mode because I have other stuff, dumb rgb that is dmx, and only have 1 dongle that works with LOR, I am however having a problem with the LOR boxes dropping the signal in the middle of song, then coming back and dropping again. Any suggestions why?
  5. Question, I have 2 LOR units and 2 Lynx units, my Lynx are set to 1-16 and 17- 32, my LOR is 33-48 and 49-64. My LOR units are first in the network, is that ok with them being set higher channels than my reg dmx stuff? Or should I change my LOR with my Lynx Id numbers?
  6. How can I tell if I'm using 500k , I can't run the dmx by itself at this time, would require another dongle, and another cord out the window, I have an original LOR dongle , serial, With a usb adaptor suppose if I hooked that to the LOR and tried the high speed on dmx?
  7. Pc controllers version 2 red status light , 36 channels dmx
  8. I am using a usb 485 high speed dongle, running raw dmx, my 2 LOR units seem to be losing the signal during playback, the LED status light flashed, and the lights hang up , any suggestions as to why?
  9. joshua

    Dmx LOR

    Do I need to start my dmx in channel2 or is 1 as a starting address ok?
  10. joshua

    Dmx help

    If I search the network, just using the regular LOR network, dmx off, it finds it.
  11. joshua

    Dmx help

    LOR dongle USB 485
  12. joshua

    Dmx help

    I have a ctb 16 pc v2 I am trying to get it to work as dmx, I have the listener port open, when I go to play sequence it doesn't recognize the controller, no solid light, how do I get it to work?
  13. I am getting an error and it says I don't have access to the sequencer? I am using 3.4. I opened one file this morning, now nothing works?
  14. Any one know the status of these or where I could find 2 ?
  15. joshua


    Could someone make a how to from scratch for the viz? I am starting over this year and need a little help getting started.thanks
  16. Just wondering if any one is on here from davenport or the rest of the qc area?
  17. Greg, Are you saying the rainbow flood extreme is brighter than a V Flood?
  18. will we ever be able to control dmx items using the control panel and not have to use an IDMX to do it? would be nice to test stuff with out having to change programs loose connectivity via the com port
  19. Cant seem to find the listner? Whst do I need to do to set this up?
  20. Newest version of software advanced. Worked lastyear. Has hap po end since upgrade
  21. it says open of serial port has failed. i have tried unplugging the dongle?
  22. Hello i am getting an open com port error when trying to control the lights via lynx dongle? just upgraded to newest version.
  23. It looks like what every one else is saying, too much solder and some colder solder joints. I would suggest getting a solder sucker , and cleaning up those joints that are connected. take your time. I think my first board took my in excess of 6 hours. now i can do boards in 30 mins to an hour no problem.
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