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  1. I have a used ctb 08 version 3 for sale. Has heat sink, cords and enclosure. Does not do dmx. Needs to go. Make offer or will trade for fm transmitter
  2. G3 is generation 3 controller , the latest and greatest. I solve mine by getting an acti dongle
  3. I have 2 ctb16 pc that keep losing their signal during playback, they are configured for raw dmx, as I have other dmx stuff in the yard. I am using the high speed usb485
  4. joshua

    Dmx help

    I got it to work, made my cross over cable, I am running in dmx mode because I have other stuff, dumb rgb that is dmx, and only have 1 dongle that works with LOR, I am however having a problem with the LOR boxes dropping the signal in the middle of song, then coming back and dropping again. Any suggestions why?
  5. Question, I have 2 LOR units and 2 Lynx units, my Lynx are set to 1-16 and 17- 32, my LOR is 33-48 and 49-64. My LOR units are first in the network, is that ok with them being set higher channels than my reg dmx stuff? Or should I change my LOR with my Lynx Id numbers?
  6. How can I tell if I'm using 500k , I can't run the dmx by itself at this time, would require another dongle, and another cord out the window, I have an original LOR dongle , serial, With a usb adaptor suppose if I hooked that to the LOR and tried the high speed on dmx?
  7. Pc controllers version 2 red status light , 36 channels dmx
  8. I am using a usb 485 high speed dongle, running raw dmx, my 2 LOR units seem to be losing the signal during playback, the LED status light flashed, and the lights hang up , any suggestions as to why?
  9. joshua

    Dmx LOR

    Do I need to start my dmx in channel2 or is 1 as a starting address ok?
  10. joshua

    Dmx help

    If I search the network, just using the regular LOR network, dmx off, it finds it.
  11. joshua

    Dmx help

    LOR dongle USB 485
  12. joshua

    Dmx help

    I have a ctb 16 pc v2 I am trying to get it to work as dmx, I have the listener port open, when I go to play sequence it doesn't recognize the controller, no solid light, how do I get it to work?
  13. I am getting an error and it says I don't have access to the sequencer? I am using 3.4. I opened one file this morning, now nothing works?
  14. Any one know the status of these or where I could find 2 ?
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