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  1. Jeff, I tried a re-flash on the firmware and it didn't change it. Thanks for the help. That is also what the help desk said to try as a last ditch effort. I think I will be sending 2 of my controllers in for repair after this season. So again thanks Jeff and Max, I really appreciated your help.
  2. I did one last year. People seemed to like it. Nothing fancy but can be editted pretty easy. I have 96 channels but didn't use them all. Maybe about 80 of them. Shoot me your e-mail and I will send it to you.
  3. To further this on, I have now swapped that controller with 2 other locations using different cables, outlets and lights and having same issue with that controller. It already has the latest firmware version in it. So I am pretty sure there is an issue with the board now. After this season I will send it to LOR and see if they can reapir. I finnaly put it where it controles the least amount of lights so the show doesn't look as bad from no fade in or out.
  4. I think you are correct Paul. I went through them again and found I misquoted the issues. I just went through all controllers and found this. All LOR1602W with the CTB16DV5 and V7 say they that the controller does not support the Advanced configuration. The 2 CTB16PC I have do support this. The first LOR1602W V5 is my UID 01 - CTB16D Ver 4.01 and all works great and allows you to change the 8-16 NC/NO Circuits. The first LOR1602W V7 is my UID 02 - CTB16D Ver 4.40 and all works fine and allows you to change the 1-8 NC/NO Circuits but not the 9-16 Circuits. The second LOR1602W V7 is my UID 03 - CTB16D Ver 4.40 and functions properly at the moment but had strange issues that I posted on another topic about locking up and having to always be searched in HWU as unit 44 and then change ID to 3 while the S1 is 0 and S2 is 3, after doing that it works fine but also can change the NC/NO Cirtcuits on 1-8 but not 9-16. The second LOR1602W V5 is my UID 06 - CTB16D Ver 4.01and all works great and allows you to change the 8-16 NC/NO Circuits. So the common thing is the 2 latest V7 controllers I have. I first thought it might be a Ether cable problem but the unit 5 is the last in the chain where the show ends. Unit 06 is actually the 2nd in the chain. I got confues on the unit chain because I switched a couple around this year, but last year was when the newer UID 03 would lock up but this year taking time to troubleshoot was able to get it working properly besides that wierd unit44 thing. Do you think updating the firmware can solve the issue? I did a reset on all units one at a time and didn't solve it and swapped cables around and it stayed the same. I made a case number with LOR but and they said to check the configuration settings and make sure the fade settings are 0%-100% and all units are set that way. But that is when I noticed that some can not be changed on the circuits settings. My units 4 and 5 are the CTB16PC's, 04 - 16PC-G3 Ver 1.04, 05 - 16PC-G3 Ver 1.04, and everything works great on them. I hope I made some since here! lol Thanks, Tony
  5. Ok, Here is what I have noticed. I saw another posting on the forum for a similar issue. They mentioned going to the HWU and go to advanced configuratioin. I saw this unit 9-16 was not able to be changed and it said an alarm that it could not read the advanced config. One person updated the firmware and seemed to fix the problem. I am going to attempt this and hope nothing goes wrong. It is the CTB16DV5, one of my first of 2 controllers I bought. This unit is the 4th unit in the daisy chain and the other V5 controller is the 1st in the daisy chain. I also have one of the CTB16PC controllers that says it can not read in the advanced configuration. Wish me luck and I will post results.
  6. I was wondering about that also. I am thinking the warm LED's would be the closest to the ican. I will see if I can find any at the after Christmas sales. Thanks for your input Santas Helper.
  7. I like this kit also. I have been trying to come up with my own custom way. I have a 110v electric wench that I was thinking of adapting to the tree and use it. I also am thinking of making it with a second smaller tree on the inside of the larger and hopefully hoist both up at same time. By the talks of everyone on here, I am thinking of using M6 in Red and Green but I am not a fan of the White (Clear) LED's, so will probably use incan for the white.
  8. I figured it probably has to be a processor or chipset on it but was hoping someone could tell if they have repaired theirs before. I told myself before that one of the last ones I got was going to be a backup but the longer it sat the more I thought what I could be adding! Lol
  9. Running 6 LOR 1602W's with LOR S3 Software. I am having the same problem but all the channels are doing it. I went into the HWU and tried the fade testing and they either snap on 100% or snap off 100%. Its a real problem because many of my songs have long fades in them. Makes the show look bad when one section doesn't fade. I tried reseting the controller 00 and tried again but still same thing. I am not running LED's on this unit. All the other functions work fine on the unit just anything to do with fading does not. The other 5 units fade fine and this unit is #2 of 6 in the daisy chain. I hope some of you pros can help us both out on this issue.
  10. It just got even more stranger! I reassembled and hooked it up by itself and rest the controller and the harware still could not find it. So I incresed the unit search up to 45 and it still wouldn't find it. It said 0 units found. So I then manually typed unit 3 in because I had it set to 3 and still nothing. I went farther and set kept S1 on 0 and set S2 to 4 and then did another refresh and still nothing. So then with out changing anything I manually typed 44 in and the lights came on. I then selected old unit 44 and changed ID to say 3 and it found it as 3 but I have to leave the search at 45 or it will not find it. If I turn the power off it loses it all again. I have to then turn each unit off and search 44 again and then rename it as 3, then go around and turn all the other units back on and the whole show works then. Any Ideas or has anyone seen this happen before.
  11. Hello, everyone! I started this topic last year and never got it resolved because I was rarely home to look at it. I instructed my wife and kids to go outside turn it off and back on then go with it. Well guess what, I screwed up! I set it up this year and now the harware can not even find it. It worked about 2 days and no more. The LED Flashes and then when I open the Hardware utility it does see the PC and stays on solid Red. I checked all connections to make sure they are all tight, looked for any burned curciuts, checked fuses and nothing. This is my unit 3 out of 6 units. All the other 5 units work great. I took the unit apart and still see no visible signs of damage. The thing still looks brand new. It's the CTB16D V7 16 CHANNEL with large heatsinks. Now here is another thing that I never mentioned last year. I got this unit in 2008 and of coarse was in a hurry to get the diplay working and found that it would not work on any unit ID lower than 44 (hmmm), which I thought was odd but didn't really care because it worked fine as unit 44 up until last year. Does any of this sound fimilar or does anyone have any suggestions? Hope you all are having a wonder season with the displays.
  12. good point Paul. This is on its own plug in but does share a breaker with another controller. It is a 60amp Breaker. This breaker does not have any LED running on it either, but it is the last one in the daisy chain. Today I reset it like Don suggested and will see if it locks any tonight. If it still locks then I will switch the unit ID and swap with another unit location. I appreciate you guys help. I will let you know what finally fixes it. PS: I forgot to mention that the last three nights it will mysteriously come on, sometimes full bright and sometimes twinkling. Getting stranger! lol.
  13. Thanks for the information Don. I will try this and see if it fixes the problem.
  14. Ok, I was just on the Website and was going to try and order a new Triac for my LOR1602W and it appears I can only buy the DIY kit to get the correct board. Am I missing something or is that the only way I can get the correct board?
  15. After reading some other topics about similar problems but not exactly the same have always turned out to be the Triac Board. I guess I will be ordering one and see if I can get it UPS NDA so I can get running again. If anyone things I am on the wrong path please let me know. Thanks.
  16. Something else I would like to add is, this year I upgraded to S3. That wouldn't be an issue would it? The other 3 LOR1602W work fine and I added 2 new this year. Its one of my original units from about 6 years ago. Just thought I would add that to see if it helps anyone with ideas. I thank you for any advise available!
  17. I have gotten my display going this year and have a large crowd showing up each night. Yep, I got it up late this year because I travel so much. Anyway, I am having a very annoying issue and have tried several different things and can't seem to fix it so I am going to ask any of you pros! I noticed the first night that one of my 6 controllers locked up. All 16 channels would stay on. I can not shut them off using the Hardware utility. I have even shut my PC down and they still stay on. The only way they go off is to physically turn the unit off and back on. The LED says its fine and the Hardware utility sees it and will operate it with no problems up until it locks up. Once I use my sequences it Freezes up occasionally and getting more and more frequent each night. Its not always the same sequence, it is very random but did notice it is usually like it reached the peak point of a sequence when I use all 16 channels at once. Now tonight the 5th day of operating the show I have had to reset it 20 times and now they don't fade anymore either. This is killing my show! Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? HELP!!
  18. Max-Paul wrote: Tony, If I was you and looking for a good deal on LED rope light. Have you seen CDI's pre-buy prices? I think it is something sub-$100 per 150' Will depend on what color you select, prices will rise or fall some. This is a great price compared to others from what I remember seeing last year. Thanks Max, I will look into theirs first!
  19. Tim Fischer wrote: Now that would definitely be the way to go with CCR's but I will need to hit the Mega Lottery first!
  20. Dennis Eaton wrote: I actually made this out of PVC Pipe. I made a jig out of wood and nails to make the curved bends and heated the pipe so it would take shape. Then used 4 way couplings and glued them together. Once I had the shape assembled then I wrapped it on the exterior with Galvanized screen so it wouldn't rust. I have thought about making several smaller ones and placing them around like ornaments. The chasing idea is pretty cool also.
  21. That is a cool idea but I would have to rent a crane to move this gigantic crazy thing! You should do that in about a 3 foot diameter and post the video, I bet that would be really cool!
  22. Good idea, I will start trying to find some deals on the LED Rope lights. I hope I can find a really really good steal on some because with this thing 10 feet tall it could get very expensive. Thanks for the info!
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