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  1. SOLUTION: When the new version of LOR was laid down it created a new directory structure. Not sure if it was the install that copied over the music and sequences. The old sequences still exist in the old structure on the hard drive. The show program points to the old sequences. All channels but one matched with the old configuration and it was moved to the new board. (the spiral tree that would not light). A new 2008 show was created and now works flawlessly. Fin
  2. How about this one not sure if its the problem but I am changing my channel config. I have a channel that is defined twice once as an empty channel and once as the problem item. I also have channels LABELED the same dont think that would matter though oh hell I will change that too.
  3. If anyone ran through my yard electricity would be the least of my worries. Wires, cables, sticks, I have even face planted before.
  4. Hardware utility sees all three boxes. the Show seems flakey. I have been farting around with it all night and sometimes it will fire the lights sometimes it wont. I am wondering if mixing Cat 5 and phone cabel is bad or maybe its a length issue with the phone cabel. phone cord too close to a power line something to do with a 1. to LOR 2 conversion boards being at different firmwear levels And yes the sequence editor works fine but not the show
  5. I am baffled, I added a new board this year and it is connected to the old boards via a telephone cable. If I am running through the sequence editor the song runs great. If I try and run a show then the third board will not fire any lights. Any help would be great as I am freaking out. Dave
  6. Hi I am looking at a new FM transmitter I currently run a CANAKIT UX300-CA transmitter and am looking at a this http://www.allyelectronics.com/product_info.php?products_id=43&osCsid=9kcc24egd0hprkav0e0ub51av1 has anyone used one of these and not sure if .5 watt of power is any good not even sure of the brand HLLY Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
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