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  1. I guess the next step is buying that Stella-green kit with e-16 controller. My wife is gonna love this one.
  2. Would Madrix be a third party tool for which you are referencing...
  3. Just purchased a rainbow extreme. I will compare it to the chavet when it gets here and sure the video with you all. What else do I need for the rainbow extreme to talk to madrix....
  4. I got this from a different thread but if it is true it would make each mini tree 165.50 wouldn't it or am I missing something. Like I said I havent tackled DMX yet so it is still a little unclear to me what it takes to work. _________________________________________________________________ Our Led strings are 85 leds long, and you could double them up, ( i.e. run them there and back ). Using our e16-ii controller, which controls 16 strings, you'd easily create a grid that was more or less this shape ( it would be 32 x 42 , which is a bit more square. You are of course free to re-arrange the actual layout as you please. We have a combination package of an E16-ii controller and 16 [highlight= #ffff88]Stella-green strings ( 85 nodes per string ). That package is $2645, which includes standard delivery anywhere within the USA.
  5. Thanks for the diagram. I am considering tackling DMX and was wondering it you had it to do all over again, would you use madrix and rgb bulbs on your mini trees instead of running the four colors. I am starting a new project and am not familier with DMX but excited to learn. I wonder what the cost difference is between running rgb bulbs as compaired to running four different led colors when you consider all the cords and channels needed to run four colors. I think it might look cool if a person could get their mini trees to chase up and down. Has anyone seen this that could share a video....
  6. Does anyone know where I can view a product video on the Rainbow Extreme RGB flood light. Or is there a good video that shows how much light it projects...
  7. I bought a chauvet colorsplash flood and a chauvet color pallette today. I will open them tomorrow and put a video together so everyone can see the results and differences between the two... I will have to find a way to protect them from the elements. The lights were each approximately $110. I appreciate the input from everyone and know that now I have to do some testing.
  8. I am getting some descent funding from a local non-profit fund. I think I can afford 100 stands of stellascapes light strings. I have been reviewing madrix software and it doesn't look too scary but neither did programming ccr's and that can be a bear. I don't know if you have seen this display but I would love to put something like this together for my community to enjoy. http://www.rockyrunchristmas.com/2011video.html
  9. Love it. I am excited about 2012. I have been looking for a way to get my kids included in the display. I am going to have them come up with a theme like your find Santa and include them in the voice overs. What type of pulley system did you use on the Santa and raindeer flying through the air.
  10. Wow Ken, thanks for the great answer. I think the led strips would be a wonderful idea. I am toying with the idea of buying stellagreen light strings from stellascapes and powering them with madrix. I would love to get some more information on your firesticks. Sounds like something fun to play with. Have you had any experience with stellascapes products.
  11. I am looking for a way to light up the side of our local courthouse building. It is approx 100' long on each and I want to be able to flood the side with lights and control them where they will chase up and down the building. Any input would help... thanks
  12. Sorry..This is the link. http://lightsmusicmagic.com/new.html
  13. Does anyone know what floods he is using on this house.. http://lightsmusicmagic.com/home.html
  14. I just reallized you are from OKC. Thanks for the help. You point out several things I need to think about. This will be done on the courthouse lawn. How many guy wires do you think are needed for a 60' tree made using a CB Tower. I was planning on using red, green, and white lights like the Andrews have done. It appears they are using 4 controllers. 1 for the white straight up lights and star and then the other three are used for the tree. Each color red, green and white appears to be ran on 16 channels with each channel controlling 4 strings making a total of 64 strings of each color. If I am off base let me know. This will be a fairly expensive project so I don't want any surprises. I have never seen a mega tree of this size in person and just hope I will be getting the best bang for my bucks. I also need to know when and where to buy my led light strings in order to get the best price. By the way, my wife says I am crazy. Please help...
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