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  1. If you have downloaded the new version of Trackskull ( to use with your Servodog controller, be aware that they changed the way they refer to the servos on the Puppet Mode Option page (for either Head Tracking or Joystick parameter settings). It used to be that my servos were referred to as #0, 1, 2 and 3 in previous versions. With the new version, the reference to servos is now #1, 2, 3 and 4. This change is not documented anywhere, and it cost me quite a bit of time trying to figure out why things weren't working correctly...
  2. Randy

    Virtual Santa

    I turn it on manually each night, usually just before the startup time of the display. There are some times when I'm not home, and I just start up the Santa when I get home. As to my extremely low tech solution to mute the projector startup, I start the DVD player and get it to play, then put my hand over the projector lens, turn on the projector, let it warm up and play blue, etc. on the back of my hand. Then it starts to show the Santa image and I quickly remove my hand from the lens. From down on the ground, it appears that Santa just "flew in" to the window all of a sudden... I let the projector run on repeat all night when the display is running and then shut it off manually at the end of the evening....
  3. Hard to see much in the video as it moves so fast...If you put a volt meter on those two inputs, what are you reading? How about a screen shot of the sequence editor or hardware utility that you are using to light up the channels? How are the channels configured?
  4. The network settings on your laptop must match the default network settings on the board to talk to it. If you're used to running your laptop as DHCP on your house network or even static IP but with an address like 192.168.1.xx, you'll have to change it to 192.168.0.xx to match the factory default IP address on the controller....
  5. So last night I had this experience that I think takes the cake in running a display for 11 years... I'm standing next to our donation box, which is right next to a table that has information on it about our Autism charity, as well as a bunch of candy canes and chocolate treats that we give out to the kids... I'm watching the lights, but out of the corner of my eye I spot this 7 or 8 year old boy walking in my direction from across the street. I turn to look at him, and I see that he has what looks like a folded up bill in his hand. I'm guessing his Mom or Dad gave him the money for our donation box...So as he approaches, he is holding out the money in front of him and I raise the lid on our donation box as he gets closer and thank him...He stops about a foot from the donation box and says "I think I'll keep it" , as he slides the bill into his pocket. Then he eyes the candy on the table next to me and says, "but I will take some candy".... I started laughing and said "Really???" He grabbed a couple of candy canes, turned around, and was walking back across the street...There were some other people nearby, so I didn't say what I was really thinking about him...If he wants the candy that bad, go for it... Later, I thought he would probably grow up to be the type of kid that would take the tip off the table at a restaurant as the family was leaving....Geez.....
  6. I have 4 of these floods and had some very weird behavior from one of them. It was evidently putting out some noise and/or spurious signals out on the network connection that was causing all sorts of weird behavior with many of my other controllers. Lots of channels across my whole system would start shimmering endlessly, sticking on, not turning on, you name it. It took me a couple of days to figure out that it was one of my new CF50 floodlights. As soon as I disconnected the network connections and hooked the wires up to a coupler to bypass the flood, then everything went normal. Hooked the flood back up, and the trouble started right up again...Very weird behavior....
  7. Check the pins inside the RJ45 jacks and make sure that they are in the proper position. If some controllers are working and one other one is dropping out, I wouldn't suspect the USB adapter. If you had the network cables plugged in last year without strain relief and someone tripped on them, that could pull them loose from the board a bit....
  8. Can you elaborate on "fuse is good" and "power is good"? What did you test exactly? Are you using two power cords?
  9. Manual says it needs Hardware Utility 4.3.16, which isn't released yet...Maybe soon....
  10. Are the receptacles standard 120 volt NEMA 5-15 or 5-20? http://www.stayonline.com/reference-nema-straight-blade.aspx The typical residential electric panel in the US is fed with 240 volts across 2 hot wires that each measure 120 volts from the hot wire to the neutral (or 240 volts across both hot wires). You should be running your 120 volt LOR controllers on a standard NEMA 5-15 or 5-20 receptacle (wired between one hot wire and the neutral wire). You can have receptacles wired on one side of the panel (Leg 1) and receptacles wired on the other side of the panel (Leg 2), and they will work fine with LOR controllers plugged in....I hope this helps....
  11. I do a couple of things...First, when starting up the lights at 6:00 (maybe earlier on weekends), I play a short song or two in the LOR "Startup" sequence that are for me. I am outside setting up every night because my home made animatronics need to be moved from the garage outside and then plugged in. So while the special songs are playing (all lights on, switching between colors, etc) I can make sure everything is powered on and working. Then LOR moves to the "musical" or regular sequences and cycles continuously. There is a welcome announcement by the Demented Elf, and continuous songs and other announcements. I also throw in some fundraising announcements from me every few songs. I have about 50 minutes worth of material, and then it repeats. To be nice to my neighbors, I shut down every night at 10pm. So, to prepare for that, at 9:50 I start the "shutdown" sequence. I have another Demented Elf announcement that says we're near the end of the evening and we will be playing two very special songs. Those two songs only play once per night and they are full length 5 minute songs whereas all of my other songs have been shortened to the 90-130 second range for better impact and easier sequencing. After the final two songs play, another Elf announcement thanks people for coming, and says we'll see you tomorrow for more lights at 6:00. Then the lights shut off at about 10pm, and I do a few things to shut down for the night, including moving my animatronics back into the garage...I really like having two special songs at the end because it's almost like a secret surprise. As I walk around outside during display hours, I'll sometimes hear people say "Have you ever seen the two songs at the end? You really need to stay for those. Wow...", which I think is pretty cool....So that's how I do it...
  12. Vegas is about 400 miles away from these controllers....
  13. Randy

    CCB Warm White

    I asked about the proper RGB colors for Warm White on the Facebook group after doing a lot of experimenting, and received a reply back to try: R - 127, G - 63, and B - 13. I thought it looked pretty good when I tried it, better than all of the other combinations that I tried....Check it out....
  14. Head's Up...Monoprice is having a special that finishes today...$5 off $20 order (code DEAL5), or $20 off $100 order (code DEAL20)
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