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  1. A good place to start is http://www.planetchristmas.com/FigurePower.htm It shows the power requirements and loading factors for all kinds of Christmas lights.
  2. Pretty darn slick! Now that's how to take your Christmas display knowlege and use it for non-Christmas events!!!
  3. Over the weekend one of my computers said Microsoft had pushed down a new revision of WMP. For whatever reason the installed failed but WMP then asked to confirm all the file associations with different applications (what should play .mp3's, .mov's, .wmf's, etc.) I'll put my money on those file associations being out of whack.
  4. It sure doesn't help that the price of copper has sky rocketed in price this last year. Buying wire has doubled in price. The last time I went to buy some romex at Home Depot, I was stunned... in small quantity it was approaching $1/foot. Ouch!!! This also explains why extensions cords have risen in price over the last year. If you want to roll your own, MECI still has lamp cord in 25' lengths for $1.29 (see http://www.meci.com/index.php/cPath/37_60) Then goto Action Lighting and buy some vampire plugs (http://www.actionlighting.com/Items.asp?Criteria=plug). Special hint: if you use SPT-1 wire, make sure you use SPT-1 vampire plugs. Same for SPT-2. Making your own extension cords isn't always the cheapest way to go... but at least you're in control of how long they are.
  5. EXCELLENT! :waycool: Did I see a burned out bulb in that third tree from the back :devil:
  6. Let me recommend a couple of PlanetChristmas reference pages: For figuring how much current various Christmas light strings need: http://www.planetchristmas.com/FigurePower.htm For figuring the wire size you need for moving around electrical current: http://www.planetchristmas.com/WireSize.htm
  7. Mercy. All this just to add an extra string of Christmas lights :? Special note to newbies. Electricity is dangerous stuff. It's worth the time and money to hire a licensed electrician to provide any extra capacity you might need for a growing Christmas light display.
  8. To help keep things in perspective, just remember to follow the three fundamental PlanetChristmas rules: Positive Family Friendly Christmas Centric Simple but powerful.
  9. YodaPHX wrote: I find it best to think of electrical systems much like plumbing. You can only force so much water down a pipe. If you want more water, get a bigger pipe. That's the reason a fire hose can fill a swimming pool so much faster than a garden hose. The computer controlled sequence boards are the same way. Just because each channel can handle 10 amps doesn't mean you have 80 amps to work with on an 8 channel board. You have 15-20 amps feeding the board and you can spread those amps across the channels as you desire. Rest assured with all the blinking and dimming capabilities, you can do a lot with those 15-20 amps.
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