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  1. Voltage is 19-32V and .315 - 3.15 A, I would still like to use these as a light pole. But thinking the power supplies would be way too much money for individuals. Or even make housing and mount under the eves of the house. I think their is allot of things to do with them just need to figure out to power them for a relative cheap price.
  2. I have several of these LED boards can anyone offer some help in making spot lights and or I have another idea but need some help with the power supply. I have alot of these and I am willing to share for some help. These are all one one circut I just thought they would be nice to use as spot lights or attatch the boards to light poles, I was trying to think of a way to split the power supply up. Any help would be a huge help.
  3. Oh yeah I forgot to mention anything discussed in the PM's stays in the PM's like anything that happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. I will keep any designs and or projects confadential and will not share or show with anyone other then the person that ask for the work. Dan
  4. I got both the post and have replied, Ed glad you enjoyed this little town. I am still laughing at TJ's comment because I can here the actual voices in my head oddly enough. LOL. Thanks Dan
  5. Just putting this out their if anyone is interested! I am willing to trade for my survives of 3D design of a solid model plus 2D full dimensioned prints and machining of any kind of material. I am just willing to trade any of my talents for LED ribbons or any LED lighting or any LED decorations; All are subject of approval and are negotiable. I am a Tool and Die Maker of 22 years experience and a Mechanical Engineer I can design Draw and machine anything you have in mind, just putting that out their if anyone is interested in the trade of my skills for any LED lighting, I don't want money just a trade of above mentioned. Sorry if this is not allowed I just see some post people are asking for machinist and designs. Thanks and PM if interested.
  6. All of us should be asking you for soem help. LOL Good luck to you.
  7. Anyone have a FM transmitter they would like to sell? I see LOR is out and I would like to upgrade. Thanks for looking.
  8. Fantastic set up, and sequecing. Everything looks great how you set it all up. Congradulations on such a wonderful job. Dan
  9. Could anyone be so kind to share these with me please. I asked back in June and didn't receive any comments. Thansk if you could. dan@bbptool.com Thansk Danny Moore
  10. Add me to the list I need to get one this year.
  11. That is a nice picture, I voted for you too, Hope you win. Dan
  12. Awsome work, I look forward to being able to get to that point. I am gald I got into LOR. Thansk Dan
  13. toolmaker1

    First video

    Thanks for the confadence. Dan
  14. toolmaker1

    First video

    Ok video is not very good, and sound is low you will need to turn up volume, I recorded three videos and You Tube is still processing the other two. I got this up in running in two weeks so take it easy on the bad comments, Also I have two Arch's with 10 channels so I had to link the two together this year, Need more controllers. I do have 48 channels but house is on a corner lot so 32 are in the front and 16 on the side so I only got video of front. Hope you like. Thanks to everyone I have talked to and that helped with sequences. I appreciate all your help. Dan Was able to get the link from you tube for second video. First one is THK robot and second one is Jack Sparrow and Remix of The most wodeful time of the year.
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