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  1. Jim

    New to DMX, and moving heads! Help please!!

    you may need to consider local aviation rules as well
  2. Jim

    New song for halloween

    may I have a copy please jot1@optusnet.com.au Thanks Jim
  3. Here's a couple with a bit of a difference... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMdb...yt-cl=84503534 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiEycVMKoJo enjoy Happy Australia Day !!! (26th Jan)
  4. Jim

    Is there an "all on" function?

    just be careful of current loads when "all on"
  5. Jim

    For you Bacon Lovers

    You want bacon.....
  6. Jim

    The phantom of the opera medley

    may I also get a copy jot1@optusnet.com.au Thanks Jim
  7. Jim

    Some additional macro effects

    another query.......with that demo candy cane seq. how can I change the controller ID number to my next ID but do it for the whole 160 channels at once rather than one at a time Thanks in advance Jim..
  8. Jim

    Some additional macro effects

    Hi, when I open the download all I get is pages of hyroglyphics??
  9. Jim

    Where do I start ???

    in that drop down menu there isn't a specific CCR option?
  10. Jim

    Where do I start ???

    ...........with the drop down menu I don't recall seeing an option to add a CCR controller........
  11. Jim

    Where do I start ???

    I thought I read somewhere that you add a controller say with 16 channels.....you do the 1st one then it sompletes the 16.........which leads to my next question with Cosmic colour ribbon........do you have to add all the 155 odd channels one at a time??