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  1. Good point, Mr Dreessen! I should probably have a spare in any case... I may have found the culprit last night, though I won't know until tonight. When I first put the show together I added an animation sequence that was designed to just have the lights change without music, as something to run before and after the musical sequences. In other words, I want the house to look like it just has lights on it before and after the musical sequences run from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Last night I discovered I never deleted that sequence, so now it's gone and I'm hoping that was running concurrently with (or at least affecting) the musical sequences. Although I still struggle how the removal of the USB would have affected that, it's the best lead I have so far. I'll feel pretty stupid if that was the case, and apologize for wasting (cyber)space on this forum, but I do want to thank those of you who read and responded to my situation. - Carsten
  2. Thanks, JFuller, I'll give that a try. So frustrating...
  3. The cable runs 50' along the outside edge of the house, no other circuitry or electrical lines in the area until you get to the controllers, and the signal does not cross any power lines when it gets there. I've moved the data line a couple of times just to make sure I don't have an interference issue. In all cases there were no 'anomalies' once I reset the data connection between laptop and controllers. Btw I ran the same distance last year with no problems. - Carsten
  4. Hi TheDucks, I thought of that and made sure that the sequences were set to run sequentially (and not randomly either). Plus I'm not sure how the sequences would have been fixed simply by unplugging and re-plugging the USB connector into the laptop if I had that enabled... But I appreciate the suggestion! I'm at my wit's end...
  5. Carsten

    Being original.

    Hey everyone, I write my own sequences and only use my own sequences. Frankly I don't understand how I would be able to use someone else's sequence and have it work for my display. Doesn't it mean that my arches would have to be the same 'resolution' (i.e. same number of channels per arch), that my lighting strategy, in my case white, red and green strands twisted together, and the way everything is arranged spatially on and around my house would have to be the same? I admit, I do see the allure. In my case I have 32 channels and, if inspired, can put together a decent looking sequence in an evening. But how about those of us / you that have hundreds of channels? I can't imagine how long it takes to create a sequence that takes advantage of all of those. So if I had such a display I would absolutely be interested in finding shortcuts or even sequences that would work, though again, how on earth would one person's display work for another person without hours and hours of remapping? Is there a standardized channel address template I'm not aware of? ;~)) Carsten Ramcke Allen Park, MI
  6. Greetings, LOR users! I have an issue I'm hoping you can help with. I am using two LOR CTB16 controllers (the second one is new this year) with a laptop providing the sequences (also new this year) via CAT5e. When I run the hardware tester everything works fine on both controllers. When I run a sequence in sequence editor and select "control lights" everything works perfectly. Lights perform flawlessly. However, when I run the sequence as part of the show using the scheduler I get light strings that seem to turn on by themselves, off by themselves, stay on when they shouldn't, and not come on when they should. It happens maybe a dozen times in a 2-minute sequence. I have changed the routing of my Ethernet wire so it doesn't cross any power lines and this hasn't helped. I have played around with the baud rates and a few of the other settings with no success, either. As I mentioned, the sequence works perfectly when it runs in sequence editor. HOWEVER I have discovered that when I pull the USB connector that sends the signal through my CAT5e line from my laptop and then plug it back in the problem disappears. My controllers are 'on' all the time and I usually leave the laptop connected as well (though it does go into 'sleep' mode). Still, something happens from one night to the next, strangely. I'm hoping there is a fix for this issue that replaces having to unplug / replug the USB every night when my show starts. If anyone has experienced a similar issue and knows what the fix is, I'd be indebted if you'd please let me know. Thanks in advance! Carsten Ramcke Allen Park, MI
  7. Carsten

    Command Line for running a sequence?

    Thanks, Bob, and everyone who has responded. I will give this a try and will provide a link when (if) I get the website finished... - Carsten
  8. Carsten

    Command Line for running a sequence?

    Thanks, Jim. That is almost exactly what I'd like to accomplish. You may have just saved me a lot of work... Are you using this service now? - Carsten
  9. Greetings, LoR junkies! I'm trying to create a form of automation for launching an LOR sequence (or show, since the show can have a single sequence in it) based on a command line. The idea is to allow visitors to the show to select which sequence they would like to watch. I plan to use Visual Basic to run a script when a song is selected online, but I need a command line that says "run LOR/jinglebells" or whatever song is selected. Has anyone determined how to launch an LOR show via command line? Thanks in advance for your support. Carsten Ramcke Allen Park, MI
  10. Greetings, LOR users! I'm back in the game after having been out of the sequenced light show hobby for a few years. Now that I'm back in it I have a question/issue that I'm hoping someone here can help me address. I have the latest version of Sequence Editor, version 5.6, having upgraded recently from V2.9. Here is what's happening: After using the tapping wizard to set all my 'beats' I start putting together the sequence for a particular piece of music. I edit the light show using the playback setting of "visible section", meaning it starts playing from whatever is showing on the screen the left-most edge. I go through the entire song in this fashion, and all appears to be well. HOWEVER, when I'm all done I play the entire sequence from the beginning. I then discover in some cases (weird, right?) that at some point the sequence in the editor no longer matches the music, i.e. there is 'drift' and I'm somehow no longer properly synchronized. The situation is always that the sequence is now ahead of the music. I have a two-year-old high-end laptop so I don't think outdated PC hardware is the issue, and I have no other software running on the PC when I edit, so nothing is bogging down my processor. I have two questions related to this: First, has anyone else experienced this issue? Second, my corrective action is to cut and paste chunks of my sequence a little 'to the right', say, a tenth of a second. That's easy enough to do when all my 'beats' are equally spaced, but if I have uneven spacing of my 'beats' I have big problems resetting all the timings. Is there an easier way of doing this? Is there a way to copy and paste the timing along with the action, so to speak? Thank you in advance for your assistance, friends. Carsten Ramcke Allen Park, MI