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  1. If anyone is looking for a sequence with an upbeat version of Silent Night, let me know.
  2. Can I get a copy please? mac25fan@msn.com Thank you,
  3. Can I get this please? Thank you, mac25fan@msn.com
  4. Can I get some Ac-DC as well. Thank you!! mac25fan@msn.com
  5. Any hairband sequences would be great and if you can let me know where to get the media file as well. mac25fan@msn.com Merry Hair band Christmas!!!!
  6. Can I get this one please? mac25fan@msn.com
  7. Any Pentatonix you can send me would be greatly appreciated. mac25fan@msn.com
  8. James, can I have it too please? mac25fan@msn.com thank you
  9. Sarge, I would love the sequence if you could send it. Thank you for your service!!!! mac25fan@msn.com
  10. I downloaded Brians Wizards im Winter sequence. The only change I made was to change the controller end to the bottom. I converted it to the sequence editor and tried to play it and nothing happens. I even tried to just put it in a show by itself and start it and still nothing. Also on the Super Star screen, the sequence is only filling half of the tree. The ribbons are set on full.
  11. Sorry, I skipped this when I typed, Aux B is for ccrs 7-12, so I have 3 now. 1 for LOR controllers and 1 each for 6 CCRs.
  12. This is my first year using more than 1 RS485. Last year I had 14 LOR controllers, this year it is 19 controllers and 12 CCRs. On Mad Russian Christmas my sequence lags on the busy sections when I use the sequence with the CCRs added. If I don't use the CCRs, it works fine. I thought that was the whole reason for additional 485s. My regular network is for controllers 1-19 and AuxA is ccrs 1-6 and ccrs 7-12. My usb hub is a powered one. Any ideas?
  13. Network problem fixed. For some reason it deleted 2 of my ports when I changed them to normal mode. Now I have my network fixed, all ccr's are on normal mode and I still have the color problem.
  14. OK I did that and now I have nothing. The hardware utility changed my auxilary networks and nothing responds.
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