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  1. Many thanks for the replies. I'd never heard of dielecric silicone grease ... but followed the link to Home Depot, and then read reviews on Amazon and it seems just what I need. I'm going to get some and apply to a few connections now as a "test" ... if it seems "the" solution I can make it a late Spring/early Summer project to do the rest of them. Again, proves the valuable knowledge of this community.
  2. Alas, the entire display has been dismantled and is in the garage awaiting some refurbishment TLC before final storage. This year I had many pairs of vampire plugs which were difficult to separate because over the years the plug blades have built up some corrosion from the elements. I'm wondering if a spritz of WD40 might be helpful, and whether it would be better to do this now when I put them into storage, later when I reinstall them in the yard, or both? Anyone have any thoughts or other suggestions? I always appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience from this community.
  3. You can also submit an order the "essentials" and also a "TryForFree" for things which are less time-critical. For example, my order this year will likely be just for a couple of controllers and an ELL to have "on hand" as spare units. They wouldn't possibly be pressed into service until mid-November so long delivery is totally OK.
  4. I had some 1602s for a while but later swapped them out for 1600s. Gradually shifting to LEDs I didn't need the additional amps provided on the 1602 and moving to the 1600 made one less power cord to find a home. But everyone's situation will vary.
  5. Thanks Jeff ... that will do it quite nicely, that it's the last piece of my 'stage' which needed to be created. This Visualizer is pretty snazzy :-) Thanks again, to everyone for suggestions. Rick
  6. There is a line of 4-color chase along the upper edge, about 40 bulbs per swag. There are seven swags (including the ends of the porch) And there is a line of 4-channel clear chase along the lower edge, about 50 bulbs per swag. I guessing that you're right - individual bulbs may be the approach. Labor intensive to be sure, but it's a one time effort. Unless other solutions are offered up? << hopeful >>
  7. I'm really delighted with the Visualizer and think I've found most of the things I need. 'CEPT ONE. Is there a way to draw a string of lights which is curved? For example, if I have a swag of lights between two posts, how can I draw them as a fixture? I tried an Arch but it has a minimum of 4 segments and I think it would be difficult to assign channels to reflect chasing C7s along the entire distance (versus individual segments). If you see my profile picture to the left, one of the items I'm trying to model is the swags of greenery on the front railing - which have a 4-color chase of C7s. Any pointers or suggested approaches? Again, many thanks. Rick
  8. Yes, that's what I was thinking of. HOWEVER ... I discovered this "workaround" which, although awkward, was just what I needed. My normal monitor resolution is 1440x900 ... but I changed it to the lowest (800 x 600) which essentially provided the "Zoom in" view. I created my fixtures and was able to position them very accurately. Then when I restored the monitor to 1440x900 everything was perfect. So ... thanks for your help on this one.
  9. Thanks guys ... I'd seen that and didn't think that's what I was looking for!
  10. Now that the "season" has ended, I am finally upgrading to version 3.1.4 and am exploring the visualizer. So I uploaded my background image and it's beautiful. And created a prop/fixture on the portion of the image being displayed. That's a beautiful thing as well. The bulbs and spacing are a perfect match to my physical C7s in the photo. HOW can I "zoom out" to see the entire background image? I've searched for zoom/unzoom and view options and can't find anything. I have the scroll bars so I know the entire image is present ... just can't unzoom to see it all on the monitor. Virtual prize to the first person who causes me to slap my forehead and say "Doh!" Many thanks ...
  11. As this season comes to a close I'm ready to move up to S3. Is there any reason to uninstall 2.9.4 before installing 3.1.4? And if there is, is there still a LOR Utility to "wipe the registry" and should that be used to be sure everything is clean? I read through the other forum threads and didn't see this particular question addressed. Thanks ...
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm still experimenting. Just haven't found the right incantation yet.
  13. Hi all, this year I vow to record my display (which would be first time ever). I have the Canon Vixia HF M30 and tried a bit last night but the results seem lacking. (I used the 'fireworks' setting.) My display is almost entirely C7s (some incandescent, some LED) along all the structural lines (roof, windows, railings, sidewalk, etc.) so there's not a lot of light density. I read a post earlier today which suggested using the CINE setting, and I'll try that tonight. Wondering if others who use this camera can offer their tips on settings and or use. Many thanks, as always, for your help.
  14. Rather than focus on the number of songs, focus on the number of songs that you think are really done well. However ... few people stay to watch more than three songs at my display, and I intentionally schedule a "repeat" song every 3 or 4 to encourage people to move along so there are no traffic issues. But ... I strive for about 15 songs all together because I will truly go berserk if there are only three and I hear them continuously for five weeks. In other words ... do what works best for you :-)
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