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  1. Hey I would like a copy. if you can drop in the drop box. Here is walking dead. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yxuungx6l0zu6ho/AABjDI9zX_dgxm4tu3J75JO7a?dl=0
  2. I only compare timings in certain spots I am having trouble with. I will never pass someones else's work as my own. Sorry If I did not put that out there. But I got the timings down with this on my own. I found sheet music for it and when you hit play, it plays the music and highlights the notes as it goes along. As a good gesture. Here is my copy of the walking dead. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PtrcWhaxWeSMvQePUQHRt6RnaGZwo1dn?usp=sharing
  3. I am looking for the Walking Dead Sequence. I am willing to trade.
  4. Sorry, my previous post didn't go thru. It was asking for it. The 2nd post was stating for the faces. And thank you.
  5. If it is with singing faces I would love to have it also. roberthlee2@hotmail.com
  6. yes me to please if it has the singing faces. roberthlee2@hotmail.com
  7. Im sorry, but it doesnt help me out. I was looking for the snare drum beats that starts around 23 seconds in the song. but it is very good. does anyone else have it? I tried using the tapper wizard. still cant get it down.
  8. Yes please. That would help me a lot. My email is dragonfire10@hotmail.com. I am planing on doing rgb next year so that will help me a lot also. I tried the rapper wizard also. Still can't get it down.
  9. Does anyone have this one? I am having a real difficult time with the drums. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi matt, I emailed you directly to the email that is in your signature. if any case my email is dragonfire10@hotmail.com
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