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  1. Loaded one of my 2014 Xmas sequences in Sequencer Editor 4.0 and played it with Visualizer 4.0, but I'm not getting any response from the visualizer at all during playback, all my setting look correct. I have asked others if they are getting the same non-response when using visualizer with sequence editor and was told it's not working for them neither.
  2. Good question, I have no idea on the LOR's 10 watt floods themselves. That is why I asked my question hoping someone from LOR, or someone who has already done a setup like what I'm asking about could give me some info. Website info........ The RGB-Flood-10W is a powerful yet compact, 12VDC RGB Flood. To use this flood you will need a controller card, we recommend the CMB24D controller. You will also need a 12VDC power supply. Input 12VDC, 10 WattsConstant Current drivers using PWM for intensityWeather proof cast aluminum case (IP65)Comes with 16' power cordComes with 18" dangle for easy controller attachment Requires a DC-PWM driver for RGB effects (use the CMB24D)Requires a 12VDC Power Source( http://store.lightorama.com/rgbfl10wa.html )
  3. This would be extreme, but I would like to know what would be the best power supply(s) setup to run all 8 lor rgb floods with each one having a 10' extension added to the CMB-24D controller. Since each flood would now have a total (+/-) of 25 feet, and we know with distance voltage will drop. So what would you recommended. Thanks
  4. Thanks Brian, I'll definitely will use the "DMX Pixel Wizard", putting in all those command line I kept getting myself mixed up. Last year was my first time working with DMX and Pixels. I used 4 pixel controllers on the house to avoid loss of power or data going to the pixel strips. So I divided the lights up in 4 section as well and assigned each one it's own universe. Lower Left - Universe #7 - (Lower Column #1, #2, and Lower Roof #1, #2). Lower Right - Universe #8 - (Lower Column #3, #4, #5, Lower Roof #3, #4). Upper Left - Universe #9 - (Upper Column #1, #2, Upper Roof #1, #2). Upper Right - Universe #10 - (Upper Column #3, #4, #5, and Upper Roof #3, #4, #5). When I did the prop layout in visualizer for ROW, I put all the columns together and put all the roof line together. So when I wanted to do a morph with all the columns at the same time, the starting pixel box for each one was right next to each one.. Thanks again Brian for all you hard work!
  5. dgrant, May I ask what key words that you used for your search? Because when I did a Google search for, "Do you want to build a Snowman with Summer Mashup Sequence". All I can find is this LOR forum, and Neal's eBay listings (US, UK, AU). You do know this is a mix of 'two' song to create one sequence, right?
  6. It belong to Neal (kneel999) the person who started this posted, he does have an eBay store where he has his sequences for sale.... If you have links to other people who is selling Neal's sequences, I'm sure he would like to know who reselling his work.
  7. You were right Brian, running it "Horizontal" works a lot better. ( 144 pixels of one of my Star Burst in it's own row)....... (300)......
  8. Video card (Gigabyte GV-N760OC-4GD) max resolution is 1920 x 1080.
  9. I gave it a try Brian, just for the fun of it. With all of my 1,420 smart pixels and 24 dumb rgb's. It might look better for someone that doesn't have a ton on pixels. (LOL) I'm using a 37" Samsung tv as my PC monitor with the resolution set at 1920 x 1080. I set sequencing grid first at 100, then 200, and last 300. You will be able to see the effect with all three pic. (100 Res)....... (200 Res)....... (300 Res)........
  10. I've seen it happen before. Try to run the sequence on a few of your pixel lights, and see if it doesn't look better in person then it does in the visualizer.
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