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  1. At this time I have 3.14 advanced with superstar and after this years show I will be getting into the RGB programming. I know I am able to get so many free updates but what version do we feel is working the best at this time. I drive four hours to fix any issue with the light show and I will be programming the GECE ( GE Color Effect ) for my roof line next year. Thanks in Advance for any information !!
  2. Great show and I did send you a PM. Jeff
  3. Looks Great. Another though is to hide a controller under them !!
  4. No issue here with 100 feet to the first controller and several 160 feet between each controller.
  5. Thanks for all the information provided above. Show this year is going to be the best I have ever pulled off. No telling what next years show will bring.... Thanks again.
  6. The machine he has will be parts he has in his shop. It free !! P4 with a 2.8 processor windows xp and 2 gig of ram. Best he can do without me buying a new one. Thoughts?
  7. I will be looking into DMX next year and I already have S3 with superstar. I do very little programming unless I have to make a few edits. I do have a little over 500 lor channels at this time.
  8. Need to know how much ram I will need. Running S3 with Superstar and friend is building me a machine. He says P4 2.8 cpu with a gig of ram. Running windows XP. Is this enough ram as I look into the DMX world next year? Jeff
  9. Noticed the video has been blocked on YOUTUBE...
  10. I use a 20 foot stick with 7 channels on it. 200 incan's on each channel and I mark the pvc for each channel. I dont have ever light sticking straight out. I run the lights between the tape about 3 times and one things this does if part or half of the lights go out because of a bulb it will still be covered but not as bright. Plus its faster putting the lights on it.. LOL @ Lazy!!
  11. trafficman

    Magic lights?

    Welcome to the house of madness. I for one have fully enjoyed watching the folks stop and get out to chat. I have been doing this for about 5 years now and I always look for way to make it look better. Now that I run over 500 raw lor channels. I do have someone that sequences it for me at a cost. Take your time enjoy and dont jump to deep to fast.
  12. Very Nice. Maybe one year I will step off the deep end and go with some CCR's.
  13. All three have been put together and tested. No issues found on the G3. Just finished running 4 new 30 amp breakers in the yard. Going to be a great year!!!
  14. Great. Let me know and I will ty to be there at the same time. I work in Pensacola and travel to this location to put on the show. Little bigger this year and I am heading over this weekend to install more power in ground. Chat soon. Jeff
  15. Earle, Just up the road from you in Madison, Florida.
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